HOPE – A Tribute to Nelson Mandela

Last night the world has lost one of its most inspiring symbols of the struggle for freedom and against racial oppression: Nelson Mandela died at the age of 95 in Johannesburg.

In remembrance of the life and unexcelled achievements of South Africa’s “greatest son”, as president Jacob Zuma said, ikonoTV is sharing with you a short video work by Chilean artist Alfredo Jaar.

Nothing is closer to Nelson Mandela than hope. Hope of freedom, of liberty, and of a society built of respect and equality. Jaar’s video work gives voice to these wishes: In 2003, on the occasion of the first 46664-concert held in Cape Town, the artist presented a colorful and joyful tribute to the icon of the Anti-Apartheid movement to raise awareness for AIDS victims.

Let us keep the importance and necessity of Mandela’s extraordinary legacy alive, and please visit to know more about and support his 46664-campaign.

Alfredo Jaar: Hope, 2003

Color Animation © Alfredo Jaar
Extract from Ungu-Dikanza / Galinha Kassafa, Commissioned by 46664 – The Concert, in Association with MTV’s Staying Alive, Saturday November 29th, 2003, GReen Point Stadium, Cape Town, South Africa