ikonoTV at VIEW – A Festival of Art History in London

Posted February 6th, 2014


The Institut français du Royaume-Uni in London is launching the UK’s first art history festival – and ikonoTV is part of it!

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VIEW is understood as an echo to the groundbreaking Festival de l’Histoire de l’Art in Fontainebleau. Gathering over fifty prestigious guest-speakers from across Europe and hosting over fifty events, the festival is an unmissable event for all art and art history lovers, specialists and amateurs alike. “It offers a high level 3-day brainstorming session on such key issues as the future of art history, the role of museums today and the evolving relationship between art and national identities,” Bernard Emié, the French Ambassador to the UK, is quoted. Aim is “to ‘wash the dust of daily life off our souls’, as Picasso would have said it! But also, more importantly, to take full measure of the unique legacy of pictures and representations that European art history has given us. It matters very much that we remain capable of reading, deciphering and interpreting them today. What is more, it matters that we be endowed with solid critical tools to make sense of the plethora of images that surround us.”

VIEW is built around six main themes, each of which includes a debate (1h30 + Q&A), short talks (c. 30 min + Q&A) and film screenings: Fakes & the Issue of Authenticity; The Role of Museums; The Future of Art History; The Influence of Collections & Collectors; Publishing & Broadcasting Art History; Art & National Identities.

From academics, curators, collectors and museum directors to art dealers, film directors, artists and journalists, the greatest European personalities in the field of art history will be present to share their knowledge, debate and shed light on those issues.

How can one...

We are highly delighted that Elizabeth Markevitch has been invited to present ikonoTV and the idea behind during the festival days in London as part of the section on Publishing & Broadcasting Art History. Upcoming

Saturday, February 8, at 12.30 pm she will speak about the potential of TV as global medium and as a possible way of democratizing art. On

Sunday, February 8, at 4.00 pm Elizabeth Markevitch is joining a panel discussion about how can one democratize art history without caricature. Conversation partners are Olivier Bonfait (Professor of Art History, Université de Provence), Jéromé Clement (President, Piasa) and Jacky Klein (Commissioning Editor, Thames & Hudson).

Both days will be accompanied by curated screenings of ikonoTV in the Main Hall of the Institut Français.


We are looking forward to seeing you in London!

For detailed information please visit the festival’s website and download the programme.