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Agnès Thurnauer


The project “XX Story” is a new way of interpreting art history. It illustrates that up until the 20th century the art arena had been dominated by male artists. This project focuses on the absence of female artists throughout art history. By changing the first name into the female gender, by emphasising this part of the population, we obtain a different view. By naming these fictitous artists we embrace their presence rather than sustain their absence.

It’s a pictorial work dealing with the representation of absence. Representation makes the absence present.

The more these names are read, carried, uttered, the more they are embodied into reality and eventually end up truly existing.
The wallpaper allows for the proliferation of this fictitious population.
On a daily basis, the normally conflicting fields become complementary and help towards the reconciliation of the feminine and the masculine. Views and perspectives are altered.

In everyday life, those areas which excluded one gender, begin to complement and contribute to the awareness and conciliation of masculine and feminine and thier changing perspectives.

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Size per roll: 0,73 x 10 m

Material: Non-woven , 190 g/qm

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