Aki Nakazawa

Aki Nakazawa - Drawing wishes Aki Nakazawa is a video artist, curator, and lives and works in Cologne, Germany since 2005. Born in Tokyo in 1976, she studied visual media and video art at the Art College of Nihon University in Tokyo. Aki Nakazawa works for international film and video festivals, institutions and museums as a video-artist and as a curator. In 1997 she became a member of the group Spread Video-art Project, a platform and network for Japanese media artists. Her video “Negai wo hiku / Drawing wishes” (2006, dialog version) has been shown and awarded in many international film and media-art festivals such as Berlinale, WRO, EMAF, Marler-Video-Kunst Preis and Chargesheimer-Stipendium (honorary mentioning)

On Air: Aki Nakazawa

The ikono On Air Festival is showing the "Non-dialogue version" of her film "Negai wo hiku /Drawing wishes" (2006, DV, 4:3, 3min 30sec), a 3 minutes collaboration of sound and vision drawn in the sky. “In today's globalized world with big infrastructures such as the Internet, world-trades, and so on, how can we recognize the exchange between circumstances and our identities to have easy-access to our homeland? It could be easy to depend on your nostalgic home and not to go out to the new world. Only the sky that I have never seen before makes me realize that I'm already out of my past. Trails draw borderlines to leave the story behind, and to find the new with wishes.” (Aki Nakazawa)


"0.04" (1996) "hibi no awa / Froth on the daydream" (1998) "mizu wo omou / image of water" (1999) "aomori banka" (2000) "mitsumeru wo koete / beyond the gaze" - a video installation (2001) "hisoyakana jikan / secret time" (2004) "sui sha shi / water-graphed portrait" (2005) "Negai wo hiku / Drawing wishes" (2006) "Du bist in meinem Kopf" (2007) "Lola/What Loreley wanted to speak" (2010) – and a video installation version (2009) "Back to white : 98" (2010) "The Lake" (2011) "for the land of neon" (2011) "Land of Neon" (2011)

Awards and grants

2003 Aqua planet video festival (mentioning award) / Shiga, Japan 2005 Fellowship for Young Japanese Artist in Overseas / the Agency of Cultural Affairs, Japanese Government 2006 backup festival. Neue medien im film (2. Preis) / Weimar, Germany 2007 WRO 07 (1. Preis) Wroclaw/ Poland 2007 20. Stuttgarter Filmwinter (Honorary Mention & Wand5-Frontal-Ehrenpreis) /Stuttgart, Germany 2008 13.Marler Video-Kunst-Preis, Special mentioning/ Skulpturenmuseum Glaskasten Marl/ Marl, Germany 2009 Grant by Academy of Media Arts Cologne/ Cologne, Germany 2011 Chargesheimer-Stipendium (honorary mention) / the City of Cologne 2011 the collection of the city of Cologne (“Negai wo hiku/Drawing wishes”)

Solo exhibitions (selection):

2009 Amky Knitting Project Vol-5 / Amky, Art & Society, Tokio (lecture & screening) 2008 Makitheque Vol.2 – Aki Nakazava / Gallery Maki, Tokio 2007 screen spirit_continued / staedtische galerie im buntentor, Bremen 2002 Beyond the gaze / Cafe Kranz, Tokio 2001 Personal Vision 2001 /Kobe Art Villege Center, Kobe, Japan

Group exhibitions (selection):

2011 Femlink – International Video Collage / TAC Art Center Eindhoven, Holland & Artos Foundation, Cyprus 2010 Malaysia-Japanese Videoart Exchange / National Gallery / Kuala Lumpur 2009 – 10 fully booked / Hotel Beethoven / Bonn 2009 body. space. time / Galerie Station Mousonturm, Frankfurt am Main 2008 CASZ CONTEMPORARY ART SCREEN ZUIDAS / Public Screen Zuidas, Amsterdam 2008 13. Marler Video-Kunst-Preis / ZKMax, München 2008 Workflow – Junge Videokunst / DASA Dortmund


- Spread Video Art Project Second Aspect - Inter Media Art Institute - Extract of her video created for the FemLink's topic «Vital»


Aki Nakazawa speaks about her work - Lola/What Loreley wanted to speak BETWEEN YESTERDAY & TOMORROW for the land of neon “The view from my window, which is weird, even though I'm used to it.” (Aki Nakazawa) Based on the instruction sheet from "BETWEEN YESTERDAY& TOMORROW"; a self-written instruction to create the visual experience of gazing at the present while superimposing the past and future in five-minute improvisation format. More here.