Alejo Moguillansky

Alejo Moguillansky - Border Alejo Moguillansky is a film director, editor, and professor at the Universidad del Cine, Buenos Aires. His feature film Castro (2009) received best film and best cinematography awards at BAFICI, and the FIPRESCI Award for best film at the IndieLisboa International Film Festival. Moguillansky has received several editing awards for his collaborative work, and recently co-directed the theatre production Love Is a Sniper.

On Air: Alejo Moguillansky

Alejo Moguillansky - Border The ikono On Air Festival is showing Alejo Moguillansky's Border. This film was made in response to an invitation from Olafur Eliasson to create a short film about light, life, energy, and his Little Sun lamp.


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Curators' Special

Part of the curatorial selection of Olafur Eliasson