Anne Katrine Dolven

A K Dolven A K Dolven has established herself as one of Norway's most sought after contemporary artists. Having lived in Berlin and more recently London, A K Dolven spends most of her time in Lofoten, Norway now. Working in several mediums she has been most noted for her painting and video art.

On Air: A K Dolven

The ikono On Air Festival is showing 12 films by A K Dolven:

- Looking Back Looking back features three elderly women hesitantly walking backwards across a landscape and across a film frame as the camera stays fixed. Filmed separately yet in succession, on an August evening above the arctic, each walk the same path. The mountains in the background appear unchanged, but for the light. They are captured on 16mm film at high-speed, 300fps. All three films are projected together but at 24fps so that more is visible than to the naked eye. Although the landscape and the women are distant, both of 'The North', the images are devoid of romanticism and speak of the everyday and the ordinary. looking back is about old ground retraced and of a way of possessing one's time in a new way.

- Stairs stairs is an unedited mute digital video sequence screened on a monitor and viewed through a peephole, which is positioned lower than standard eye level in an existing door in the exhibition room. The view behind the peephole reveals a dark wood and velvet-carpeted staircase, on which several items of coloured clothing lie scattered, like paint strewn across a canvas. A woman, almost naked, her back turned, descends the stairs as she dresses, calmly seating herself on different steps as she puts on a vest, sweater, pants, jacket and trainers. The view of the scene in its entirety is restricted by the peephole and thus requires viewers to shift their position in order to see what is obscured from their view. There is no drama and despite the peephole the viewer does not assume the role of voyeur.

- Moving Mountain moving mountain was filmed on an island solely inhabited by seabirds in Røst, Norway, 68.2º north. The soundtrack, loud and distressing, is that of a cacophony of screaming birds. The camera is fixed on two women that stand facing a foreboding landscape. Their heads, one blonde one brunette, fill the lower bottom corners of the image. Like book ends they frame the mountainous cliff that towers above them. As the fog gradually lifts more and more birds are revealed flying in and out of the cleft of the rock face.

- Amazon amazon is a 16mm film projection of an androgynous figure shooting. A fast edit gives this minute and a half long film the sense of a single shot. For the most part, the camera is tight on the body - neck, chest and arm muscles snap between tension and rest. When it jumps back it exposes the torso as that of a single-breasted woman. Under the glare of harsh sunlight the arrow imprints stark shadows as the woman relentlessly shoots. Even when we see the spear's head, we never see a target. It is not about 'where it is aimed' but about the act of 'getting there'. amazon makes reference to the Greek myth of a matriarchal society of brave female warriors who are said to have cut off one breast to hit their target better. The work speaks of harnessed strength, female courage and determination to act and overcome perceived physical and psychological restrictions.

- The Day the Sky Became my Ground the day the sky became my ground is shot in one take on 16mm film. A young girl spins continually in a cold, white and icy landscape. She swirls without stopping while the camera moves slowly from her pale green trainers to the crown of her head. The filmstrip itself has been reversed and mirrored resulting in an inverted image where the sky becomes the ground and gravity itself is turned on its head. No longer on snow, she spins on clouds. Trainers aside, the girl is naked. Filmed facing the sun, the image is intermittently bleached; her body, sometimes obscured, becomes one with the landscape. The camera movement, steady and repetitive, and the girl’s relentless spinning, together reveal only fragmentary intimate moments within an unstable visual world where the body is at once vulnerable and resolute.

- Vertical On My Own A large horizontal shadow fills the frame from edge to edge. We never see who makes the shadow. We know that only something vertical can cast a horizontal shadow. A human standing upright in the arctic winter throws extremely long shadows. This is due to the fact that the sun sits low on the horizon so far north on the globe. The shadow moves, opens and closes on the crispy snowscape. The shadow questions its source whether it consist of one or more or whether who is supporting who. The sound track is one unedited human voice.

- The Kiss The Kiss makes direct reference to paintings by Edvard Munch which Dolven took as a starting point to explore contemporary notions of identity, pleasure and desire.

AK Dolven

- Still Life

- The Power of the Flower

- Januar

- Headlights


AK Dolven A K Dolven was born and grew up in Oslo but left for France in 1972 to study art at École des Beaux-Arts in Aix-en-Provence, and then École nationale supérieure des Beaux-Arts in Paris. She returned to Norway in 1982 to study at the National Academy of the Arts in Oslo.

She lived in Berlin between 1987 and 1997 after receiving a DAAD Scholarship. She then moved to London in 1997 and has lived and worked there since. She has also kept her home in the Lofoten Islands in northern Norway where she spends large parts of the year. Dolven's photo and video work often shows motifs from this and other places north of the Arctic Circle. She has received media attention for her public sculpture projects and was the initiator of the outdoor sculpture project Artscape Nordland.

She has been described as one of Norway's best-known living artists, and has exhibited widely including Bergen Kunsthall, South London Gallery, Temple Bar Gallery and Studios Dublin, Philadelphia Museum of Art, Kunsthalle Nurnberg, Kunsthalle Bern, Nordnorsk Kunstmuseum, Sørlandets Kunstmuseum, Henie Onstad Kunstsenter, Moderna Museet Stockholm and Platform China. She was awarded the German Fred-Thieler Prize in 2000 and the Swedish Prince Eugen Medal in 2005.


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Since the late 1980s, Dolven has been absorbed by an exploration of white.

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