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Antonello Matarazzo Antonello Matarazzo is a painter, director and video artist. His work is part of the most recent trend (“Medialism”) which combines various media (photography, painting, video, etc.). After a long experience of painting and installations, he experiments with the picture in motion. Since 2000, the year of his first short film, The Fable (18th Bellaria Film Festival) – produced by Fuori Orario (Raitre) – his videos have been welcomed in many Italian and foreign film festivals (Mostra Cinematografica di Venezia, Festival Cinéma Méditerranéen Montpellier, Torino Film Festival, Festival des Cinémas Différents de Paris, InVideo, Locarno etc.). Some of these, like Mostra Int.le del Nuovo Cinema di Pesaro and Festival Internacional de Cine de Mar del Plata, have also proposed retrospectives of his work. He also produces music videos and artistic documentaries, wich include some of his colleagues of him in the artistic world. In 2009 he made a film-documentary entitled Latta e Cafè (4th Festival Int.le del Film di Roma), produced by Luigi and Aurelio De Laurentis for Filmauro. Starting from the experience of the Neapolitan sculptor and architect Riccardo Dalisi, he offers a particular view of the Neapolitan territory. The link between his painting, video and video installations is his tendency to explore the introspective and anthropological aspects of mankind. This is the reason why in many Universities, like Brera, Roma 1, Chieti, Genova, Salerno, Pisa and Cambridge, his works are shown as an educational tool in seminars and workshops. His work was showed in 2009 and 2011 editions of the Venice Biennale.

On Air : Piera e gli Assassini (Piera and murderers, 2007)

Antonello Matarazzo Piera is a successful actress, her life is always filled with plans, events and... obsessions. Loosely based on the book "Piera e gli Assassini" (Dacia Maraini) Cast: Piera Degli Esposti


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Other Videos by Antonello Matarazzo

Karma n.1 Karma n.2 Karma n. 1 and Karma n. 2 are part of the same installation project titled "Double Karma" concluded in December 2012. (Karma n. 1 was presented at the 54. Venice Biennale) The oxymoron between immobility and transformation is represented by the progressive growth of a tree (Karma n.1) and the flow of water (Karma n.2). The roughness of the bark is similar to that of an ageing human body, as well as the face of an adolescent that finds its counterpart in the fresh flow of water. In the faces we find the same mix of stillness and transformation. The apparently inanimate robustness of the plant, the inconsistent transparent water as opposed to the fragility of bodies subject to the passing of time. Organic forms absorbed into the relentless cycle of nature, where everything changes and nothing is destroyed. 80 KG. In Mortem Johann Fatzer A dead man = 80 kg of meat, 4 buckets of water, 1 bag salt (Loosely based on “fatzer-fragment”, “Downfall of the Egotist Johann Fatzer” by Bertolt Brecht) Astrolìte (extract) Film immersed in black, including quotes from Beckett and comic strip movements, obsessive spaces and repeated images, the film is a journey (provocative, deliberately unpleasant, visually excessive) towards an ideal poetic of margins and an explosion of the visual, with a narrative pretext that gives a nod to crime movies. "Astrolìte" (2002) is above all a deep reflection of looks and perspectives to the disjointed worlds of film, television and motion pictures in general. To deform the gazes seems to be the principal will of the two directors. But also to reflect on the mythology of the television experience. More generally, the question of experimental video draws its power training by a strong desire of critical-expressive (but also introspective) and video-maker that makes the world in which they live, a world filtered through screens that are in the field a strong unconscious vacuum from which to draw the most diverse materials. A critical power, deconstructive, reflexive, then that is directed against the myths of social degeneration and simulacra. Detaching itself from reality, the video is presented as another reality, or rather tends to produce a reality parallel to that in which we live. But it is not surreal but a reality that lives in another dimension. It is a reality where it is vaporized and reduced to mere appearance. It is in this new-dimension where anything can happen when one moves, is metamorphosed, born and dies at the same time. (...) Alfonso Amendola (catalogue: "Steack&Steel", International Printing Editore, AV 2005) Miserere (cantus) “Meanwhile along the mountain-side across / came people in advance of us a little / singing the Miserere verse by verse...“ Dante Alighieri, PURGATORIO - Canto V More in the official Antonello Matarazzo Vimeo Channel Image on top of page: KARMA baroque 2010 - HDV PAL, still from video

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