Arjen de Leeuw


Arjen de Leeuw is a dutch visual artist, mainly working in the field of video and sculpture. Featuring within fictional settings his protagonists are challenged to deal with existential questions. They are forced to ask themselves how to position within these often absurd circumstances. Recurring elements in his work consist of the limitations of our western notion of freedom, fate and controllabilty, and the question if our (technological) progress brings us closer to the subliminal. Arjen de Leeuw was born in Amsterdam in 1972 where he still lives and works. He graduated from the Royal Academy of arts in The Hague. His work has been exhibited and screened both nationally and internationally. Including exhibitions in Galeria Joan Prats, Barcelona and Keith Talent gallery, London. Recent screenings of his work have been at the Centre Pompidou, Paris, the Reine Sophia museum, Madrid, the International Film Festival Rotterdam and 25fps in Zagreb. Parallel to his practice, he has designed theatre sets and costumes for several experimental theatre productions.

Curator’s Special

Part of the curatorial selection by Channels Festival