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David Brazier and Kelda Free As part of his BFA at Curtin University WA David was awarded a scholarship to study at Ecole Nationale Supérieure des Beaux-Arts in Paris and went on to receive an MFA from Goldmiths College London with a distinction for his research into the evolving position of the public in the production, reception and distribution of art. Kelda draws on past experience as a Landscape Architect, having specialised in arts based, socially engaged consultation for the development of award winning projects in the public realm. "Over the past five years we have developed our collaborative art practice. We are recognised as having a critical, context specific practice. In 2013 we have been invited to teach MFA students at the California College of the Arts and will feature in the book ‘What We Want is Free: Critical Exchanges in Recent Art’ (Purves, T. and Aslan Selzer, S. SUNY Press). Our work has been supported by National Association for the Visual Arts Australia, Arts Council England, The British Council, Khoj International Artists’ Association New Delhi and Arcus Japan."

On Air: David Brazier and Kelda Free

The ikono On Air Festival is showing "Commute" by David Brazier and Kelda Free, Video portraits made by filming reflections in the train window as Japanese salary men return from Tokyo to bed towns that serve the global metropolis. "High speed train links have transformed areas near Tokyo into bed towns that serve the global metropolis. We were interested in identity not fixed but transient between states of work and home, between personal moments and public space. We worked with commuters to make video portraits by filming their reflection in the train window on their way home at night." - David Brazier and Kelda Free -> Channel Festival Curators Selection


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David Brazier + Kelda Free - Virtual Employee (full) Business process outsourcing centres provide Indian based employees to UK and US based companies. In an investigation of the abstraction of space that occurs through contemporary modes of production we outsourced our residency in New Delhi to a company called Virtual Employee. As we left India, virtual employee Ashish Sharma took up the role of international artist working to fulfil the project’s objectives. Ashish immersed himself in his role as artist in residence, delivering his results to us and residency sponsors through skype conversations and mobile phone photographs sent via email.

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