Bronwyn Holloway-Smith

Bronwyn Holloway-Smith – Pod Filmed in a single take, pod depicts a mysterious circular shape tracing the images of occult symbols across a white surface plane. The “occult symbols” in question have been sourced from, and defined by, a conservative Christian New Zealand publication.

On Air: Bronwyn Holloway-Smith – Pod

2008, 03:55 Min. / Single channel digital video with stereo sound Originally created for the ADA symposium event “Séance for Nam June Paik” (Christchurch, Feb 2008), the work not only responds to Paik’s contribution to the development of Video Art and the locale of Christchurch, but also touches on ideas of religious and social tensions, invisibility and the intangible, spirituality, and memory. Credits: Scenario, Direction, Camera and Production by Bronwyn Holloway-Smith  


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