Bryce Galloway

Bryce Galloway – Untitled (hair transposal video) Bryce Galloway undertakes an obscure grooming exercise for dealing with male pattern baldness using the camera as a mirror. Galloway exploits his own baldness to poke fun at social vanities and the cult of appearances/cult of youth. The Circuit Index writes: "Bryce Galloway is a transdisciplinary artist who works across fanzines, drawing, writing, music, performance, installation and video. Galloway’s work is always comedic and usually autobiographical and self-effacing.(...) Galloway continues to mine a worst-foot-forward methodology, challenging societal notions of success and our culture of appearances, forever presenting himself as the compromised everyman."

On Air: Bryce Galloway – Untitled (hair transposal video)

Bryce Galloway – Untitled (hair transposal video) 2011, 11 min 12 sec Bryce Galloway's mirror-view video turns the viewer into disbelieving voyeur as the artist, apparently in the privacy of his own bathroom, unselfconsciously and semi-convincingly attempts to disguise his own male pattern baldness with freshly-cropped chest hair. In monitoring this ultimately unrewarding action, Galloway puts his problematic private self into a starring public role; the action seems a wryly self-deprecating poke at the male response to aging and vanity. Projected onto the window of an abandoned rental flat in Worcester Boulevard after dark, the work appears to have been made for this space, and takes on an even stranger dimension than it already owns. -> Curators Choice - Circuit: Goodnight Kiwi


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