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Callum Cooper - Paradoxial Planes Callum Cooper has made a series of films with his swinging self-made 360 degree camera which have been making the rounds on the web in recent years. The ikono On Air Festival will show Paradoxial Planes from this series. "I have been designing/making/welding sculptures for the moving image: it is essentially a series of custom built apparatuses that are used to reveal perspectives that are uncanny. Initially I was interested only in the resulting films but I began to realise that the sculptural object and it’s actions were of equal importance and interest as well. With this series I also wanted to construct a situation where the sculptures create the video by moving in prescribed patterns. This means that the editing choices of each film are decided as I am constructing the sculpture rather than through hours hunched over the computer in post." (From an interview with Callum Cooper for It's nice that) On Air Festival : Callum Cooper's Paradoxical Plane (Excerpt from a work exhibited at the Barbican Centre, London, 2011) Sculpture: Steel, Leather, Hemp, Twine | aluminum, cork, plastic, twine | steel, aluminuim, copper, plastic Film exhibited with equal precedent to the sculptural apparatus. Film projected upon two large curved screens with quadraphonic sound that was designed to immerse the viewer. -> Channel Festival Curators Selection


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Victoria, George, Edward and Thatcher The faces of class, wealth, history and tensions between individualism and conformity in British society are explored in this visual journey from East (E5) to West London (SW7). Consisting of almost 4000 images of the city's residences taken in 2009 and 2010. Shot using an Iphone using the sculpture that you can see in the images one the right. Finished on 35mm with a wonderfully spatial 5.1 mix it (which unfortunately you can't hear here) Sound: Sandy Milne. / Titles: Ray O' Meara Premiered at Wavelengths, Toronto International Film Festival 2010, curated by Andréa Picard. Winner of London International Documentary Festival "my street" Award 2011 The Constant and The Flux (excerpt) Sound by Sandy Milne Commissioned by Noah Cowan through Future Projections for Toronto International Film Festival 2012 "Random Torontonians, projected and spinning, occupy TIFF Bell Lightbox's giant atrium wall — along with the unique apparatus that multi-talented Australian artist Callum Cooper used to capture them on film — each evening of the Festival. Cooper's practice references everything from turn-of-the-century bioscopes to YouTube, and is both formally rigorous and dizzyingly fun." Noah Cowan The Mine Kafon (teaser) A teaser for an upcoming documentary about Massoud Hassani and his Mine Kafon. An Afghan designer who has invented a wind-powered land-mine clearer. Check out his website:

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