Carlos Casas

Carlos Casas The work of filmmaker and visual artist Carlos Casas is a cross between documentary film, cinema, and contemporary visual and sound arts. His last three films have been awarded in festivals around the world from Torino, Madrid, Buenos Aires, and Mexico City and some of his video works have been presented in collective and personal exhibitions. In 2001 he started a trilogy of work dedicated to the most extreme environments on the planet, Patagonia, Aral sea, and Siberia. In 2009 he began his ongoing project Avalanche about one of the worlds highest inhabitated villages. He is currently working on a film about a cemetery of elephants on the borders between India and Nepal.

On Air: Carlos Casas

The ikono On Air Festival is showing three films by Carlos Casas: Blood Bay, Cemetery Miniature and Junglebook Intro.


- Homepage of Carlos Casas : - Carlos Casas on Vimeo - Carlos Casas on Wikipedia - Interview for The Wire - The Lost Cemetery Of Images. A Conversation With Carlos Casas

Other Videos by Carlos Casas

BLACK NIGHT SADE SEAL HUNT SMOKE POOL TREE BADAKSHAN FIELDWORKS (FIELDWORKS#09) A Selection of Fieldworks captured in location during 2005 in Hichigh, one of the highest inhabited villages in Badakhshan Autonomous region in Tajikistan. In the Pamir mountain Range in Central Asia. -> There are 100 more videos by Carlos Casas on Vimeo.

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