Cedrick Eymenier

Cédrick Eymenier Artist and musician, Cédrick Eymenier was born in 1974 in Béziers, France. Since his 2001 graduation from the École supérieure des Beaux-Arts in Nîmes, he has participated in several group & solo exhibitions. His work combines photography, installation, sound installation, projection, and video. In 2002, he started a series of films entitled Platform, for which he collaborated with musicians to create original soundtracks (Stephan Ma-thieu, Fennesz, Taylor Deupree.). He is curently working on Platform#13 shot in Shanghaï last june 2011, with an original soundtrack by Steve Roden. His films have been shown or exhibited at Moderna Museet Stockholm 2010, Centre Pompidou Paris 2008, CAPC Bordeaux, Issue Project Room NY... Cédrick Eymenier has benefited from growing attention from art institutions and critics recently. His films and videos in particular have been shown in multiple festivals (Saison vidéo in 2010 for example), exhibitions (Mo-derna Museet in Stockholm in 2010, MAMVP for the exhibition "Expodrome" by Dominique Gonzalez-Foerster 2007) and in specific programs (Centre Pompidou in 2008, CAPC in Bordeaux). Recently, Issue Project Room in New York programed his entire series of films, Platform. Photographer as well as filmmaker, Cédrick Eymenier has shown his photographic collections in several solo and collective exhibitions (Maison de la Culture of Nevers in 2006, Jean Brolly’s Project Room in 2007 and at L’Eté Photographique of Lectoure in 2008) . He also curates a series of exhibitions entitled "Esope reste ici et se repose," Montpellier (Gallery Vasistas), Toulouse (Lieu Commun), Marseille (Art-o-Rama) and Rennes (Bon Accu-eil, 2011). His work has been featured in various magazines such as OkFred/TooMuch (Tokyo), Correspondancia (Buenos Aires), Territorio (Milano) and most notably in the Purple magazines to which he has regulary contribu-ted since 1998 and who also include him in the book Bellevue, Landscape photographs, (Purple books/Fiction inc, 2000) with Richard Prince, Doug Aitken, Anders Edström..) Cédrick Eymenier Several writers such as Yannick Haenel or art critics Jeff Rian have been following his work for several years. A musician as well, Cédrick Eymenier is a member of the band Cats Hats Gowns with whom he created the label Coriolis Sounds. In addition, Cédric Eymenier is editor of Coriolislab.org. In 2010, Cédrick Eymenier had a solo exhibition at the JEROME POGGI Gallery (Paris) and participated in the new edition of the Salon de Montrouge. Ordet Publishing has devoted a work of two volumes to Cédrick Eymenier, bringing together texts by Jeff Rian, Michka Assayas, Isabelle Blondie, Jean-Hubert Gailliot, Yannick Haenel, Damon Krukowski and Gaëlle Obiégly. In 2013 after a residency in Shanghaï he is invited for a solo show at the centre d'art contemporain Le Pavé dans la Mare, in Besançon. Cédrick Eymenier is represented by JEROME POGGI Gallery. His works are in public collections of FNAC (Paris), FRAC PACA (Marseille, FR) and the Artothèque (Nantes, FR).


- Artist website: www.coriolislab.org - JEROME POGGI Gallery: www.galeriepoggi.com - Editions Ordet - Cédrick Eymenier at CNAP

On Air - Films by Cédrick Eymenier

The ikono On Air Festival will show the following films by Cédrick Eymenier. Reflexion Bird (2007) One bird, two birds & a mirror. Mirissa (2008) A sunset shot from a ferris-wheel. Scarlet O' Abrash (2010) Music by Cats Hats Gowns

Platform Series

Today PLATFORM is a series of thirteen films, shot in specific neighborhoods of cities chosen for their modernity and architectural complexity. However, the architecture is not filmed for its own sake, it plays the role of background. These locations are also crossroads of different lanes of communication, therefore ebbs and flows are important and almost contextual. A multitude of micro-events are recorded in one sole shot. The simultaneity of these very ordinary events (a car passes, then a train…) is also what makes for audio and visual richness. The choice of the organization of scenes and mixing of the soundtrack come to defy the documentary objectivity of the fixed shots that constitute the film. The use of editing process from classic fictional cinema allow the interweaving of inframince connections between the shots. Attention is therefore focused on a succession of details which become essential. Cédrick Eymenier A crucial part of each film is the original work that is done on the SOUNDTRACK by the musicians who all come from the experimental electronic music scene: Stephan Mathieu (Germany), Sebastien Roux (France), Sogar (Germany), Fennesz (Germany), Giuseppe Ielasi (Italy), Oren Ambarchi (Austria), Pirandèlo (Italy), Taylor Deupree (USA), Cats Hats Gowns & Perfume (France), and Vladislav Delay (Finland), Steve Roden (US). Each musician processed and re-interpreted the original soundtrack, adding his own sounds. This process, made possible by a digital audio treatment, serves as an anchor in reality, thanks to sounds recorded during shooting, while simultaneously proposing a musical reinterpretation of the audio landscape. From scene to scene, a strange geometry emerges, no longer just that of the city, nor that of the quickfire flashing of an eye following movement, but a circuit of instantaneous abstractions, something both explosive and calm, that remakes the metal way of buildings, of cars and of trains, and that brings it towards the serene chaos of the instant-becoming of things. In the same moment it’s hot and cold, slow and fast, soothing and dangerous. - Yannick Haenel (on “Platform#09) Excerpts from the videos below. Platform#02 London (2002/2007) Original music by Motion (Chris Coode) & Sogar (Jurgen Heckel) Platform#08 Frankfurt (2003/2004) Original music by Cats Hats Gowns Platform #09 Chicago (2004/2006) Original music by Fennesz Platform#10 Miami (2004/2005) Original music by Stephan Mathieu Platform#12 Tokyo (2005/2008) Original music by Akira Rabelais, Oren Ambarchi, Taylor Deupree

P≠12 Tokyo (trailer) from Cedrick Eymenier on Vimeo.

Other videos by Cédrick Eymenier

Within These Walls Music by Damon & Naomi Film by Cedrick Eymenier Glimpse for a downpoor film by cedrick eymenier music by cats hats gowns with michel bulteau Walking Backwards Song by Damon & Naomi Film by Cedrick Eymenier