Clinton Watkins

Clinton Watkins – Light Since 1994 Clinton Watkins has produced artwork that investigates affects that combinations of sonic and visual information can have on an audience. The key conceptual issues of his work are drawn from an interest in constructing immersive experiences through the use of sound, colour and scale of installation incorporating video projection, television monitors and custom-made audio and video hardware. The visual and sound base of his work focuses on the characteristics, structures, phenomena, and processing of sonic and visual material through the exploration of repetition, distortion, colour, duration and form via a minimalist sensibility. Watkins is also a practicing musician who regularly produces and performs as a solo artist and collaboratively as an active member of the minimal electronic improvisation sextet, Plains and one half of the electronic noise duo 1000. Watkins has numerous releases of recorded material on a variety of local and international record labels such as Circle, 20 City, Claudia, Mystery Sea, CMR, Absurd and Scarcelight. Watkins holds a Doctoral Degree in Fine Arts and lecturers at Elam School of Fine Arts and AUT in time-based media and is represented by Starkwhite Gallery in Auckland, NZ. (From Circuit)

On Air: Clinton Watkins – Light

2009, 6 min 1 sec Light perpetuates fragments of time by stretching, repeating and therefore suspending a minute moment. High-speed video technology encapsulates in slow motion and detail unknown to the human eye. Visual subtleties, nuances and movement are amplified at 300 frames per second. -> Curators Choice - Circuit: Goodnight Kiwi


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