David Nixon

David Nixon - Immanence David Nixon is a multi-media artist whose current focuses are art video and works on paper. Exhibiting regularly since 2005, he graduated with First Class Honours in Printmaking at the Queensland College of Art in 2008, where he also worked as a sessional lecturer from 2006 - 2011. David Nixon's art is a part of national and overseas collections. Nixon's art emphasises the value of communication as the primary purpose of art. For Nixon, aesthetics are paramount: art can sublimate life, and be an affirmation through our reflections.

On Air: David Nixon

The ikono On Air Festival is delighted to show David Nixon's film "Immanence" (2006 -  2012). This rhythmic art video primarily concerns an ebb and flow of being, as forms manifest from and subside back into a metaphysical emptiness. Represented by darkness, a void serves as a backdrop to a visual choreography of life forces. Utilising the domestic material of polystyrene bean bag filling, the ordinary is sublimated into a poetic expression. A figurative articulation belies abstract narratives. Immanence by David Nixon (30sec excerpt) Intrinsic to its outcomes, the work's process harnesses the natural element of wind. A controlled environment enables the bean bag filling to float and move through a spatial prism polarised between gravity and the generated wind. Unseen pathways of the wind are made visible. Accumulative visual imagery builds this field work into a hypnotic experience. Hovering ambiguously between sonic environments and music, the ethereal sounds of this work provides substance to its visual ambience. -> Channel Festival Curators Selection


- David Nixon on Youtube - David Nixon at Ocula.com Regeneration by David Nixon "Regeneration" (2006 - 2012) is a visual representation of a devotional, ritualistic evocation. Rhythmically articulating a human connection with the sustaining of life forces that are inherently spiritual, "Regeneration" suggests a mysterious power. " Please note this is a 30sec excerpt of David's work.

Curator's Special

Part of the curatorial selection by Channels Festival