Dominique Blais

Dominique Blais Dominique Blais (b. 1974) focuses his work on the sensorial and physical perceptions of the spectator as evoked through his sound or light installations that flirt with notions of visibility/invisibility, audibility/inaudibility

On Air: Dominique Blais

Burning Mrs O’Leary’s Cow (2006) About the film: Brian Wilson, musician and lead signer of the Beach Boys, composed the mythic album “Smile” in 1964, which was only to be released forty years later. During the recording of “Fire” (song dedicated to the elements), which in 2004 becomes “Mrs O'Leary's Cow,” Wilson obliged his musicians to wear fire masks and he decorated the recording studio “propitiously.“ Simultaneously, the Watts Riots set fire to the town and to part of the recording studio. Wilson destroyed a part of the recordings fearing that this wave of arson was due to the negative vibes of his music. Burning Mrs O’Leary’s is a video work in which a copy of the record is burned as it plays, thus taking the logic and the myth of the work to its height.


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Dominique Blais, exposition au Transpalette Les disques - Dominique Blais Transposition - Dominique Blais Turn on, tune in, drop out - Dominique Blais Image from RIAM