Dora Budor

Dora Budor - The Invisible Industry Dora Budor is a Croatian born artist living and working in NYC. Budor merges and remixes digital media, sculptural installation, video and performance to explore and reinterpret universal behavioral and aesthetic patterns coming from contemporary corporate environment and entertainment industry. From 2004 – 2012 she worked as part of an artist duo D+M, and their works were shown at Stadium (NY), Higher Pictures (NY), Interstate (NY), CEO (Malmo), Elaine (Basel), Kunsthalle Bergen (Norway), Kunsthaus Bethanien (Berlin) and more. Dora Budor Image: Dora Budor: PostOrganic, New Fragrance Options, 2013 Recent shows include duo show Dear D+M (Arcadia Missa, London), solo shows "Skin That Drinks" (Perfect Present, Kopenhagen), "New Fragrance Options" (DIS, Suzanne Geiss Company, NY) and "New Lavoro" (Palazzo Peckham at 55th Venice Biennale). Recent activities include group shows "On Demand TV" (the Attic, London), "Rematerialized" (New Galerie, Paris), "Dry Wipe" (Nottingham Contemporary, London) and screenings at "Frame(o)ut" (MUMOK, Vienna) and "Dream Island" (RCA, London). Currently she is artist-in-residence at Quartier21 (Museumsquartier, Vienna, AU). -> Homepage of Dora Budor:

On Air: The Invisible Industry (2013) by Dora Budor

Dora Budor (Image: Dora Budor: Young-Girl (from Skin That Drinks), 2013) "Where is your office? What do you do exactly? You know things, I think is what you do. I think you acquire information and turn it into something awful." Don de Lillo, Cosmopolis The premise for the movie is inability to visually capture contemporary artistic process, as it is abstract and the crucial part happens in the spheres of the mind. Nevertheless, series of daily actions that artists perform becomes a starting point for a poetic narrative engaging with unknown forces, drama and invisible labor. Budor asks 8 Berlin-based artists to film their workday in a studio, and choreographs their activities into sequences, proposing different obstructions for each repetition. The artists' reenactment of their usual day becomes a dramatic narrative reminding of film noir and specific genre of fashion commercials, using daily actions that seem unimportant, and transforms them into movie that blends teambuilding, dance exercise, fashion commercial and pseudo-documentary. In an attempt to make a cinematic narrative out of 'leftovers' of daily artistic practice, invisible creative industry becomes a brand, a proposal for a social structure, a labor made into lifestyle.


New Lavoro - What Everybody Says Must Be True / Episode 1 NEW LAVORO is a multi-faceted project by artist Dora Budor - consisting of a reality show, a fully functional bar and installation at Palazzo Peckham at 55th Venice Biennale, a group show 'hosted and produced' in situ by staff of New Lavoro, a magazine, and a collaborative soundscape ( For full description see this interview. The reality show NEW LAVORO is dedicated to exploring relations between creative industry workers and the aspirational lifestyles operating behind the curtains of contemporary sustainable economies. NEW LAVORO takes a different approach than typical art reality shows - experimenting with production in extreme living conditions, operating with minimal budgets, use of ‘non-artistic’ materials; theft or misuse of commercial resources, immaterial production, and testing the boundaries of how we can produce art in a time of economic crisis and material overload. The show pastiches docu-reality narratives to contemplate the thin line between success and failure, and aspiration and laziness; to brand a new hybrid lifestyle combining artistic production and the operational procedures that run in the background of that production - what Budor calls the 'invisible industries.' Interested in processes that are scripted, reinterpreted by others, translated and then post-produced, Budor works in a manner similar to everyone involved in the project - blurring the lines between hers and other's labour and authorship, she commissions experts to produce parts of the whole which she reuses as raw footage to create new work. Budor casted 13 upcoming NYC-based artists and created 7 different assignments, each judged by a guest artist or art critic (Korakrit Arunanondchai, Frank Benson, Xavier Cha, Keren Cytter, Brian Droitcour, Jamie Sterns, Brad Troemel, Andrew Norman Wilson). Winner, Los Angeles based artist Rachel Lord, travels to Venice and participates in NEW LAVORO at Palazzo Peckham at 55th Venice Biennale. New Lavoro - Good Swimmers Often Drown / Episode 3 D+M BODYSURFING Dora Budor + Maja Cule: 'BodySurfing' Performers / Models: Sean Kelly, Alex Szablewski, Peter Gramlich, Adeyinka Adebola Cinematography: D+M and Andrew Norman Wilson Video editing: Minnie Bennett Assistants: Akira Ishikura, Erin Grant Special thanks to Boss Models agency

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Part of the curatorial selection of Nadim Samman. Image on top of page from Dora Budor: New Lavoro - Good Swimmers Often Drown / Episode 3 HD video, 09:21, 2013