Doug Foster

Doug Foster - Veil of Light British artist and filmmaker Doug Foster (b.1961) produces large scale digital film installations that play with symmetry and exploit the human eye's susceptibility to optical illusion. Foster has exhibited internationally, including at Works from the David Roberts Collection, DRAF, London (2007); Only Human, The Fine Arts Society, London (2008); Hell's Half Acre, The Minotaur and Bedlam at The Old Vic Tunnels, Lazarides, London (2010 - 2012); Daydreaming With...The Hong Kong Edition, Artistry, Hong Kong (2012). Foster lives and works in London.

On Air: Veil of Light by Doug Foster

Doug Foster’s cyclical work Veil of Light features a woman with a transfixed gaze and an impossibly symmetrical face. The woman’s head and shoulders seem to be illuminated by gentle, liquid patterns of projected light that continually modify her appearance and mask her true identity. On further viewing, her entire physiognomy seems to alter under the influence of this ostensibly benign external force. -> Homepage of the Artist: From the Sedition Selection