Elisabetta di Sopra


Elisabetta Di Sopra is an Italian video artist working and living in Venice. After completing her first degree in painting she began her Masters in painting at the Academy of Fine Arts in Venice. Her videos and installations intend to investigate the most sensitive dynamics of the daily dimensions of life, expressing the hidden narratives within everyday life. Behind the clean and minimal style of Elisabetta’s videos, lays a hidden density of thought and a unique approach to research. Most of them are focused on the female body viewed as an embodiment of memory. The theme of motherhood plays a crucial role in Elisabetta’s videos. As a digression from this topic, all of her works speak to ideas of humanity, commenting on the cyclical movement of everything that exists on a scale greater than the individual, continuously renewing itself. The imagery is tied to the repeated sense of being reabsorbed into the cycle of life and death.