Eva Fontana

Eva Fontana - Afterglow Every empty house retains echoes of past lives. The ikono On Air Festival is showing “Afterglow” by Eva Fontana from Italy, a graphic and video artist, editor, tattoo fan and much more. Lady Fontana is attracted by the light, noise, and meat and she made quite a few music videos for Italian rocker Giuliano Stallone. Below you find a little choice of her other films from her Vimeo Channel. -> About Eva Fontana


Toxic (2013) A film by Eva Fontana. Bambula - Short horror film Trailer of "Bambula", a film by Eva Fontana with Emma Michelini. Music by Image Sounds from soundtaxi.net Kill me, Hitchcock One minute story, based on Hichcock's "Rear Window". I printed a miniature of my town (taken from google maps) and I used a close-up lens 10x to shot with Canon EOS. Edited with Adobe After Effects. Music composed by Goffredo Orlandi. Put A Ring On It! Plexus can be sexy.....

Curators' Special

Part of the curatorial selection of Elisabetta di Sopra