Faisal Samra


Ever since I started my academic studies, and even before, experimentation and research have always been the major driving forces in my exploration of the plastic arts. I constantly try to break the prevalent forms and types of artistic expression until I reach a stage where my own work rebels on itself and creates another pattern of expression. Yet this rebellious attitude remains constrained within my personal definition of the art concept.

In the mid 1980`s my major concern was to develop an artwork that eliminates the borders between different fields of the plastics arts. In 1989, I dissolved the border between painting and sculpture by freeing the treated canvas from the frame, cutting it into organic shapes, and hanging it – either at an oblique angle to the wall, or in empty space. This treatment enabled me to open a dialogue between the artwork and its context. The canvas itself became the body of the work. In other words, the constructive materials became the form and the content of the artwork itself. I exhibited this series, called the suspension (al-moualaquat), in my first solo exhibition in Paris -1989. Since then I have sought to express the “ Other Body “ of my work with mixed media and multimedia, such as digital photography, installation, video, video installation and performance in subsequent exhibitions.

Curators’ Special

Part of the curatorial selection of  Karin Adrian von Roques