Finnbogi Petursson

Finnbogi Petursson Finnbogi Petursson is one of Iceland’s most prominent artists. In his works he fuses sound, light, sculpture, architecture and drawings. Petursson has also already been ikono's artist of the month in July 2012. Sound, a crucial element in his works, is literally shaping his work out of thin air from its natural physical properties. Elemental in form as well as content, Finnbogi’s starkly beautiful and powerful pieces capture acoustic phenomena in water, wind, metal, and fire. Sound itself is his primary material, typically incorporated into spare sculptural installations that can involve multiple audio speakers placed on the wall, the floor or within columns. The speakers emit sequences of single tones that make what Petursson likes to call “drawings”: forms consisting not of visible marks but of invisible sound waves. Petursson’s sound sculptures often elicit a palpable sense of mystery and discovery, suggesting an openness to the kind of world-shaping powers that are especially evident in Iceland. Pétursson represented Iceland at the Venice Biennial in 2001 with his monumental sound installation Diabolus. He transformed the small Icelandic pavilion into a large, tunnel-like “musical” instrument. Gregory Volk wrote about this installation at the time: “Mixing medieval methodology and up to date electronic technology, Pétursson’s work conflates past and present, and his tunnel becomes a kind of time chamber, a conduit between the centuries. Importantly, Pétursson has constructed his tunnel in such a way that it is essentially a private experience for the viewer/listener. In a crowded place, you are not in a crowd at all but instead alone with this haunting sound which comes with a very powerful cultural history.” Collections include T-B A21, Vienna; Malmo KunstMuseum, Sweden; Nordiska Akvarell Museum, Sweden; and the National Gallery of Iceland. Permanent installations are at Landsvirkjun, Vatnsfellsvirkjun (an electric power plant) Reykjavik University and the Reykjavík Energy Headquarters. Finnbogi lives and works in Reykjavik, Iceland.

On Air: Finnbogi Petursson

The ikono On Air Festival is showing 12 of his films Earth, Deep, Koutoubia, Motor Drawing 45°, Sphere, Waves, Conversation, Circular Cubes, Mobile, Feed, Ode and Diabolus. -> Artist website:


Finnbogi Petursson - Reset (2011) Reset 2011 - Wood Street Galleries, Pittsburgh - USA Finnbogi Petursson - Surveillance (2011) Finnbogi Petursson - End 2012 Public Art Center-Hlemmur (Kling & Bang), Reykjavik 2012 Finnbogi Petursson - one man one man in Morocco, February 2012 freq_out 8 moderna museet, stockholm, sweden 2012 Image above: Finnbogi Pétursson. Elements, 2005. Watertanks, Reykjavík. Selected American Poems By Kristján Guðmundsson and Finnbogi Pétursson