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Francesca Fini WHITE NOISE Francesca Fini is an Italian artist working with mixed media, video and performance art. Her live projects, always addressing social and political issues, are mixed with lo-fi technology, homemade interaction design devices, live audio and video. She hacks and cracks everyday objects such as surveillance cameras, wii-mote sensors and therapeutic electrodes, mostly used to give to her work an ironic flavor. “Technology is interesting, but rather than call your smartphone I prefer to twist your stomach talking to you through plastic cups connected with string”. In December 2012 she has been invited to take part to the first “Venice International Performance Art Week”, featuring artists such as Yoko Ono, Jan Fabre, Valie Export and Hermann Nitsch. She recently won the “Fonlad Performance Art Residency” to prepare a new performance in Coimbra, Portugal, with the support of Istituto Italiano di Cultura. She is exhibiting her work in galleries and museums worldwide.

Showing On Air: Francesca Fini's WHITE NOISE (2013)

Francesca Fini's WHITE NOISE starring Letizia Lucchini photography Jurek Kralkowski director's assistant Federico Trimarchi photography assistant Emanuela Head music "Rosecroft Mews" by Basic Printer We see a woman immersed in a neutral white. The woman sits in front of a television that transmits statics. But then we see something sticking out from the screen, a red woolen thread. The woman grabs the thread and pulls it; at that point the TV starts transmitting a series of images of the '60s in America: propaganda films and old commercials, the journey of a man in space and a nuclear testing site. It 's like the red thread that she is now beginning to knit is the thread of time, as if in its unraveling it is unraveled the history of that period, in a web of contradictory images. The '65 is a symbolic year that summarizes all the contradictions of the world recovered from the Second World War: there is a feverish push towards the future accompanied by hysterical terror for the present threatened by the Cold War and inflamed by the spread of the civil rights movement. So while the two superpowers challenge each other on Earth and in space, with the journey of the Soviet astronaut Aleksei Leonov and the achievements of the NASA Gemini project, while the world watches the moon with dreamy look, in the U.S. the first combat troops leave to Vietnam and the infamous Bloody Sunday is consumed, the first march from Selma to Montgomery when 600 civil rights activists were violently attacked by the police. While industrial design, fashion, art and literature are projected to futuristic scenarios, and all around ideas of freedom and equality are spreading, blind ancestral violence seems to dominate every day life. The images in the TV continue to run while the woman continues to knit as if she is some kind of divinity that weaves the plot of Time. For this reason the images end on the words of Malcolm X, which I chose as the emblematic image of a stage so intense and contradictory in human history. In 1965, Malcolm X was killed in a climate of intoxication and violence in which the highest aspirations of the human spirit seem to struggle to break free from the shackles of the lower impulses. The woman assists, inert, while the woolen thread is finished. The time is up. The images wrapped in the red woolen thread became a bandage with which she covers her eyes.


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WOMBS (2012) a video by Francesca Fini starring Eithel Di Tondo Music by Sanmi How do you see yourself in the mirror? We do not ever see how others see us, we do not see how we really are. Wombs is some sort of dream about femininity. A woman meets her golem, a piece of clay without features, to be fashioned at will. The golem is a double of the woman, but an amorphous double, a newborn entity still sealed in its purity and fierce innocence.… WITH AN HELMET - a love letter (2013) written, directed and performed by Francesca Fini music box sound art by wutzl, klankbeeld ( A reflection on the 4 most important articles of the Italian constitution. The video is part of a larger project: dal microcosmo degli oggetti e degli alimenti che si trovano in tutte le cucine italiane, che fanno da contrappunto alla nostra quotidianità e ci caratterizzano veramente come popolo, parte una riflessione sul macrocosmo degli ideali su cui dovrebbe essere impostata la nostra vita. I quattro articoli della costituzione che reputo più importanti vengono ricostruiti con i gesti della vita di tutti i giorni, in una trasposizione ironica che allude all'implicito tradimento quotidiano di questi valori che avviene altrove e lontano da noi. THE GOLDEN AGE - Francesca Fini (2013) Live performance by Francesca Fini at Espaço Artes Multimédia e Performance, Alliance Française de Coimbra, Portugal. “The Golden Age” is a performance project that plays on the themes of metamorphosis, mutation, power, identity and relationship. It plays with these themes through the use of natural magnetism. I'm wearing magnetized suit and mask. All around me is a “carpet” of garbage: cutlery, broken toys, refrigerator magnets, colored metal balls, nails and bolts, cans, magnetized plastic objects. All the objects are covered by golden paint and, neatly aligned on the floor, they look like pictograms of a hieroglyph of junk. The performance is an epic struggle between Reason and Chaos, between the “golden mask” and the rubbish, between the illusion of Eternity promised by Power and the slow process of corrosion of History, devouring every human enterprise. In the final part of the performance the public is invited to break the magic circle. People will be encouraged to enter the dump and stick to my body all the remaining objects, playing with their irony and aesthetic sense. The carpet waste is ideally reflected in the “sound carpet” of the performance. In fact a couple of lights attached to my wrists interact with the webcam and a software sensitive to light, transforming my movements into interactive sound and visuals. More in Francesca Fini's Channel on Vimeo  

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