Gemma Syme


“Gemma Syme holds a cheeky attitude towards ideas of gender and sexuality. She addresses issues of gender without holding onto lingering binarisms, and begins to blur lines of conventional sex differences. Her works plays along the fine line between objectification and empowerment, but doesn’t present any sort of closure on these issues.” – Abby Cunnane Gemma Syme works in video, performance and music. She has been involved in a number of performance works and exhibitions at venues including Enjoy Gallery (Wellington) and The New Zealand Film Archive. She is a member of the musical performance group Trimasterbate and also performs with artist Eugene Hansen in Feline Groovy. She was recently included in a group show of video by recent female graduates from Massey University entitled Typical Girls. As an adjunct to the show she formed a band/performance group with three other artists from the group show, Bek Coogan, Sarah Jane Parton and Claire Harris entitled Fantasing, with whom she continues to work. She completed a Masters in Fine Arts at Massey University in 2010.