Greg Penn

Greg Penn - Quick Art The video work of Greg Penn is less about creating and more about harnessing and directing. What is harnessed and directed is light and sound. They both become performers, which in turn open up engagements with the complex spaces of repetition and rhythm. The work is a visual and auditory disorientation that aims to stimulate ‘presence’; both in the video work and in the viewer. Coming together in an anarchy and narcosis of color and sound. Artist Statement: "I use the rhythms in my body to unify with everyday rhythms, toying with the idea of pure retinal and audio pleasure. The work is driven by conceptual approaches that result in both a representative and abstract work. There is a similarity in the work to Marcel Duchamp’s turning discs and optical experiments "–of a desire that makes and loses its object in one and the same gesture, a gesture that is continually losing what it has found because it has only found what it has already lost. (Krauss,R. The Im/Pulse to see, pg62, Vision & Visuality."

On Air: Greg Penn

The ikono On Air Festival is showing Greg Penn's film Quick Art. The video has field recordings that go beyond recognition. Watch a sample of Quick Art here. -> Channel Festival Curators Selection


Born in London, lives in Melbourne, Australia. Graduate MFA (by Research) Victorian College of the Arts, University of Melbourne. Undergraduate Film and Photography at the University of Wales, UK. Awarded Linden Postcard, Linden Centre of Contemporary Arts, Awarded Friends of VCA two consecutive years. Awarded ‘Most innovative, Best Interpreted’ artwork 'MUDfest', resulting in a radio and a television interview and floor talk at the Ian Potter Museum of Art. Exhibited across Australia and is held in many private collections. Work held at the Art Institute of Chicago. Exhibited New York, London, UK and is currently the Photography tutor at Latrobe College of Art & Design, Melbourne. -> Homepage of Greg Penn :

Curator's Special

Part of the curatorial selection by Channels Festival