Hawa Essuman

Hawa Essuman - Powercut The ikono On Air Festival is showing Hawa Essuman's film "Powercut", a film made in response to an invitation from Olafur Eliasson to create a short film about light, life, energy, and Little Sun. Artist Statement by Hawa Essuman "I loved stories from a young age. That and my fascination with pictures lead me to filmmaking, which I’ve been lucky to nurture into a fulltime fortunate indulgence. I performed in and worked on several theatre plays and a couple of films before I made my way into the world of production and then, eventually behind the camera. Working on TV commercials and documentaries provided my production experience before working as part of the directing team on a local TV drama series, ‘Makutano Junction’. In 2008 I wrote and directed my first film ‘Selfish?’ and then 3 short films over the next year – ‘the Lift’, ‘Cold War’ and ‘Coming Out’. My film ‘Soul Boy’ (2010) is my most recently completed film which as screened at over 40 film festival around the world and won some awards as a result, the dioraphte audience award at the International Film Rotterdam 2010, the Signis Award at the Zanzibar International Film Festival and Best East African Film at Kenya International Film Festival 2010 being among them. Since then I’ve been explored music videos and developing a few projects one of them being a feature fiction film set at the Kenya Coast."


- Homepage of Hawa Essuman : www.hawaessuman.com - African Women in Cinema: Hawa Essuman and the Soul Boy Project - Mubi: The First Enchantment: "Soul Boy" (Hawa Essuman, Kenya/Germany) - Amazon: Soul Boy - DVD - Standard Media Interview with Hawa Essuman


Soul Boy - Trailer A German crew, lead by Tom Twyker, collaborated with a Kenyan production company to host production workshops in Kibera, Nairobi, one of the largest slums in East Africa. In the joyous, compelling film that resulted, a teenage boy discovers his father is dying, tracks down the witch who stole his soul and then embarks on a quest to save him. Deutsche Welle - Soul Boy Kibera, on the edge of Kenya's capital Nairobi, is one of the largest slums in the world. It's a place ruled by poverty, violence and hopelessness. The organization One Fine Day is making it possible for people living here to take film courses. The feature film Soul Boy was the result of one of the workshops, made under the guidance of the renowned director Tom Tykwer from Berlin. Director Hawa Essuman talks about her film Soul Boy and traditional African beliefs Film-maker Hawa Essuman on: how Soul Boy came to be made; the story of the film and the use of African traditional beliefs in the storyline; Essuman's own view of traditional beliefs; the impact of the Internet and social media on extending the time the film was seen in the cinema in Nairobi and her next film project. GIFF 2010: Soul Boy - Hawa Essuman & Tom Tykver From the Göteborg International Film Festival 2010 GIFF 2010: Hawa Essuman Guestbook Hawa Esuman is visiting Göteborg International Film Festival with her film, Soul Boy. Meet her in guestbook. Produced by Aveny Production. Y'akoto "Without You" (official video) Credits Artist: Y’akoto Director: Hawa Essuman DoP: Sylvestre Dedise Stylist: Tom Wagner Art Director: Julien Finck Editor: Ng’ethe Gitungo Release date: 23rd Jun 2012

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