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Heinz Riegler - Motion Portrait #1 The ikono On Air Festival is showing Heinz Riegler's film Motion Portrait #1, a one shot video captured at Oberpleissling in the Austrian Alps in early April 2011. Riegler composed and recorded the score during 3 months in winter spent in isolation at 2000m above sea-level. Awarded Winner at M.I.C.A TonBild 2011 in Vienna, Austria. -> Channel Festival Curators Selection


Heinz Riegler’s career in Australia began after he relocated in 1993, following prolonged periods living and performing in Europe and the UK. As founder, vocalist, guitarist and principal songwriter of the ARIA Music Award - winning three-piece Not From There, his work reached critical acclaim as well as a global audience. The band released two ground-breaking albums in Sand On Seven, Latvian Lovers, along with numerous EP's and singles, performing from 1991 through to 2000. Heinz Riegler Following some time out from musical endeavours, Riegler has since returned to work on material for a solo album as well as performing live. Riegler has also curated an extensive season of improvised live scores for the Queensland Gallery of Modern Art. The three-month season in late 2008, titled Out of The Shadows: German Expressionism And Beyond, saw Riegler hand-pick a selection of artists to perform live scores to silent films.


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Other Videos by Heinz Riegler

No Colour, No Sound, Part I Accompanying video from Survey #2 (One Thousand Dreams I Never Had) buy Cassette/Digital or via boomkat or via itunes. Made in early 2011, Heinz Riegler's Survey #2 (One Thousand Dreams I Never Had) is a collection of audio sketches recorded exclusively during three months spent in a wood cabin high up in the Austrian Alps. A mostly instrumental Audio Postcard, it attempts to transcribe a period defined by sensations of extreme isolation and freedom. Manifested in tonal experiments and simple movements of minimal chord progressions, it features guitar drones interpreting cloud patterns, meditations on the full moon's light reflecting on frozen surfaces - as well as randomly fragmented expressions of sound. All of it wrapped and illuminated by the duo-tone of deep alpine winter, Survey #2 (One Thousand Dreams I Never Had) contains thirteen pieces of music, intertwined to make a thirty-four minute edition of audio. Recorded & Mixed by Heinz Riegler. All Instruments by Heinz Riegler. Mastering by Lawrence English. Cover art by Heinz Riegler & Matthieu Rynkiewicz. Cassette screen print by 7th Disaster. 60 Seconds in Flachau A quick edit documenting the artificial snow-making effort taking place in Riegler's home town of Flachau. A very strange and somehow beautiful scene.  

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