Hertog & Nadler


Chaja Hertog (1978, Amsterdam) and Nir Nadler (1977, Haifa) are an artist duo based in Amsterdam.
Since 2006 the duo have been extensively engaged with making work that plays on the border between cinema, performance, and spatial installations. Followed their graduation from the Gerrit Rietveld Academy of Arts (both from the Audiovisual Department), Hertog continued to receive her MFA from the Royal Academy of Arts (ArtScience Department) in the Hague and Nadler completed his MFA from DasArts, Master of Theater, in Amsterdam.

Apart from their partnership in art, Hertog & Nadler are also partners in life.
This blurring between professional and personal factors prominently into their creative process, which can be best described as a marriage of abstract storytelling and craftsmanship. This blurring between the professional and the personal factors prominently into their creative process, in which they meet one another in a shared artistic vision. Through their divers body of work the duo often address mankind’s peculiar relationship with nature and take part in an enduring dialogue with past masters, whereby historical paintings are re-articulated and juxtaposed in a contemporary context.

Abstract in terms of storytelling and expressive in terms of imagery, Hertog & Nadler’s work takes a journey into imaginary worlds while challenging the audience’s perception of what is seen and imagined.