Huda Lutfi

Huda Lutfi Huda Lutfi is both a visual artist and cultural historian living and working in Cairo. Lutfi works like an urban archaeologist, constantly digging up found objects and images as loaded fragments of history. Her training as a cultural historian has influenced her work as a visual artist, juxtaposing historical past and present, as well as traversing and fusing cultural boundaries. In her works she references Egypt’s social, cultural and popular artistic traditions, trying to integrate these into contemporary art practices. In her attempts to do so, she works with mixed media, using painting, text, collage, photographs, found objects, ready-mades, assemblage, video and installation. Presently Lutfi is working on a solo exhibition in Cairo, in which she references the rich archive of images and texts she collected since January 2011. She has exhibited both locally and internationally: in Cairo, Alexandria, Paris, London, Liege, Thessalonica, Marseille, Frankfurt, Bonn, Bamako, Dakar, Virginia (USA), Bahrain, Dubai and Tunisia.

On Air: Huda Lutfi

The ikono On Air Festival is showing "Cairo Resonances", a new film by Huda Lutfi (Soundtrack: Jacob Kirkegaard / Camera and Editing: Karim El-Sharnouby)


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Huda Lutfi: The Artist and the Historical Moment: A Testimony Summer Academy: Aesthetics and Politics lecture entitled "The Artist and the Historical Moment: A Testimony" presented by Huda Lutfi at the American University in Cairo. Image: Huda Lutfi, "Stripping off the Garments". Photo: Courtesy The Townhouse Gallery.

Curators' Special

Part of the curatorial selection of  Karin Adrian von Roques