Ivan Argote

Iván Argote Iván Argote (born 1983 in Bogota, Colombia) lives and works in Paris and New York. He studied design and new media at the National University of Colombia in Bogota as well as fine arts at the École nationale Supérieure des Beaux-Arts de Paris. Argote works with mixed media: his (video) performances, photography, sculptures, paintings, new media and video art often share humour with a rebellious twist and comment on the ways we traditionally regard art. “My works are reflections about the way we behave, about how we understand our close environment, and about how this close environment is related with history, traditions, art, politics and power. Creating these reflections in a playful spirit, this allows me to work with great freedom in different ways, which also is a comment about the way one works on art” (Idol Magazine, 2011) explains the young artist, who already enjoys international attention. Argote presented his work at solo exhibitions in acclaimed art institutions like Palais de Tokyo, Paris; CA2M, Madrid, the 30th Sao Paulo Biennale, Brazil and numerous group exhibitions in Europe, USA and South America. -> Artist website: www.ivanargote.com -> Galerie Perrotin: www.perrotin.com

On Air: Iván Argote

"Two 50 years old white males having emotions", 2013 Duration 25 min 23 sec In the video called Two 50 years old white males having emotions a camera has a circular view on two men holding each other in their arms. The two characters are constantly changing their moods generating switches and cuts in the possibility of narration that sets up an endless drama. Both characters are white males in their fifties, a typology associated with ideas linked with power and domination. However, both individuals look extremely fragile and do not represent at all this powerful stereotype. The artwork appears as an allegory of the current fragility of the Western historical domination. (see image above) "Untitled (New York)", 2011 Iván Argote Duration 18 min 15 sec « Groups of people are observed from behind in the public spaces. At certain moments, some people turn back looking towards the camera. The videos are shot in slow motion using a close up. I achieve this result by placing myself behind the crowds and yelling words of love and kindness. The idle filming tends to cancel the surprise effect and stresses facial expressions. » Ivan Argote "Glup glup (monument)", 2009 Iván Argote Duration 2 min 58 sec « This is a documentary video about an action I’ve done in Bogota. I installed a bust of Simon Bolivar, the most important national hero oft he country, in the middle of a public fountain. I think this work as a collage that combines two kinds of public sculptures and monuments. This juxtaposition creates a new monument, more deceptive than imposing, which investigate the representation of monuments in the city. » Ivan Argote "Retouch", 2008 Iván Argote Duration 12 sec In this surprising piece, titled Retouch, Argote films himself with a video camera and proceeds to spray-paint over top of two paintings by the famed Dutch painter Piet Mondrian. While it may seem like a juvenile act of vandalism, Argote’s work seems to highlight the often-overlooked characteristics of paintingsjust glanced at in museums — in this case, the precision of Mondrian’s usage of vertical and horizontal lines and the three primary colors. With their graffitti additions, the paintings become more noticeable in a way. All videos: Copyright and Courtesy of Courtesy Galerie Perrotin / Copyright Photography :The artist and Galerie Perrotin