Jamie George

Jamie George - Throwing Up Pulling Down Jamie George is an artist based in London producing exhibitions, projects and texts; independently and in collaboration with other artists. Central to these activities is his production of objects, photographs and videos which engage the concerns of sculpture; exploring notions of spatial production and personal and socio-political loss. His project is a development of concerns developed in a recent Gasworks International fellowship and residency at VASL artist collective in Karachi, Pakistan. Showing On Air : Throwing Up Pulling Down (2013) Jamie George - Throwing Up Pulling Down (Single Channel HD video with sound) Jamie George's "Throwing Up Pulling Down" explores experiences of buildings in a state of ‘paused’ development. The project proposes a physical relationship between memory and the gut (site of instinct, feeling and reaction) – documenting a place of both hasty retreat and speculative future. The work utilises current freeware audio technology, amplification equipment, and HD video. Central to the project is a text investigating specific details of social housing since the 1960s, the narrative uses the devise of siblings; as residents of tower blocks and the blocks themselves. -> From Curator Omar Kholeif - Syndrome of a Decade


- Homepage of Jamie George: www.jamiegeorge.net - A Red Sticker

Jamie George - Selected exhibitions

2013 : re-projecting (london), contribution to Ricardo Basbaum's exhibition, The Showroom, London 2012 : Tangenticide (with Tom Dale), Ruskin Gallery, Anglia Ruskin University, Cambridge, UK 2012 : My (We) (with Katie Schwab), Jerwood Foundation Project Space, London, UK 2011 : Rules of Engagement(with Maria Theodoraki), Angus-Hughes Gallery, London, UK 2011 : Reel Around The Fountain (Maria Theodoraki solo exhibition curated by Jamie George), JT Gallery, London 2011 : End And, I'Ecole regionale des beaux-arts, Valence, France 2010 : American Mountains - The Last Thing, The Nunnery, London, UK 2010 : GOTTA GETTAWAY (curated), Quare, London, UK 2010 : End/Success or Wonderful Forever (solo), Organhaus, Chongqing, China 2010 : Helen (with Richard Whitby), LimaZulu, London, UK 2010 : Stranded, Paradise Lost (solo), London, UK 2010 : American Mountains, Auto Italia South East, London, UK 2010 : Simplicity, Or-bits.com, online January 2010 2009 : A Work A Day, MOT International, London, UK 2009 : American Mountains, Stone Squid, Hastings, UK 2009 : I'd Rather Play Sudoku, APT Gallery London, UK 2007 : Sunday (with Alex Robbins), FormContent, London, UK

Curators' Special

Part of the curatorial selection of Omar Kholeif. Images: Stills from "Throwing Up Pulling Down". Source: www.jamiegeorge.net