Janet Laurence


Australian artist Janet Laurence‘s work explores a poetics of space and materiality through the creation of works that deal with our experiential and cultural relationship with the natural world. Her work echoes architecture while retaining organic qualities and a sense of instability and transience. It occupies the liminal zones or meeting places of art, science, imagination and memory.
Janet Laurence’s practice includes both ephemeral and permanent works and installations that extend from the museum/gallery into both urban and landscape domain.

Her work, centered on living nature, bleeds between the architectural and the natural world, physically and metaphorically dissolving these boundaries.

Her spaces are immersive and reflective, creating a play between perception and memory. Alchemical transformation, history and perception are underlying themes. Laurence’s work is represented in major Australian and international collections and has been included in many national survey exhibitions.

Curator’s Special

Part of the curatorial selection by Momentum