Jeroen Eisinga

Jeroen Eisinga - Springtime Jeroen Eisinga began to work in performance art and film in the early 1990’s. He made a series of controversial films in which the idea of suffering and personal danger as artistic expression were central. In his first performance (40-44-PG, 1993) a Volkswagen Beetle without a driver, circles mechanically in circles around the blind-folded artist who walks in circles in the opposite direction. His work deals increasingly with death and transience. In his film Sehnsucht a dead zebra seems to be literaly consumed with desire. In Springtime, which almost caused Eisinga's premature death, the artist is being overwhelmed by thousands of bees, which seem to come crawling from within his own chest. As soon as the artist's face is completely covered by the mass of swarming bees he becomes one with his background and he loses his identity.


The ikono On Air Festival will show Jeroen Eisinga's famous work "Springtime". -> From Curator Omar Kholeif - Syndrome of a Decade Jeroen Eisinga: "I was covered with 150000 bees and I was stung thirty times. I did not feel any pain. Except towards the end when I was stung in my eyelids. I felt resistance up to a certain moment, but after a while I let it go and surrendered to the experience. I think I must have entered a state of trance at some point. I started to feel completely empty inside and entered a state of complete freedom. Towards the end I only heard the beating of my heart and my own breathing." You can see photos from the making of over here.


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Curators' Special

Part of the curatorial selection of Omar Kholeif.