Jonathon Nokes

Jonathon Nokes - Please set the Clock ‘Please Set the Clock' is a destructive self-portrait through chance and error using warped VHS tape (torn, taped, bitten, stomped, cut, crushed, scratched, stretched, melted). It relies heavily on the modulation and destruction of the artist’s own image in concert with a fascination with obsolete media. It is still and it is moving. It is sterile and it is fertile. It is broken and it is restored. Jonathon Nokes is a media artist based in Melbourne, Australia, working in sound, video, installation, and performance art. He recently completed a Bachelor of Arts (Fine Art) at RMIT University. His main artistic interests lie in generative sound and media-based art: from composing using new music technologies, such as modular synthesizers and open source electronics; to creating multichannel audiovisual installations that traverse our political and social present. Much of his practice also explores the relationship between analogue and digital media, destructive processes, and chance operations. -> Channel Festival Curators Selection


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