Julio Hernandez Cordon

Julio-Hernández-Cordón-Yellow1 "I search for real stories to tell, and want my work to reflect the place where I come from. I combine these elements with my point of view and imagination to create stories that could only be told in Guatemala." (Julio Hernández-Cordón ) Julio Hernández-Cordón was born in the United States to a Mexican father and a Guatemalan mother. In 2006 he was awarded the Cinergia Prize to make his debut feature-length film Gasolina (2008), and in 2010 he received the Hubert Bals Grant for digital production at the International Film Festival Rotterdam for Marimbas del Infierno (Marimbas from Hell, 2010). His latest film is Even the Sun Has Spots (2012). Julio-Hernández-Cordón-yellow-4 The ikono On Air Festival is showing Julio Hernández-Cordón's film Yellow from 2012. This film was made in response to an invitation from Olafur Eliasson to create a short film about light, life, energy, and his Little Sun lamp.


Julio-Hernández-Cordón-3-Yellow - Julio Hernández-Cordón on IMDB - Julio Hernández-Cordón at Festivalcope - Short interview (scrolldown)with Julio Hernández-Cordón : From Toronto International Film Festival 2012 — Interviews with five filmmakers about life and art in India, Ivory Coast, Guatemala, Angola and Haiti

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Trailer: Polvo - a film by Julio Hernández-Cordón Official Selection. 16th Cine Las Americas International Film Festival - April 16-21,2013 - Austin, Texas. Trailer: Gasolina Three teenagers out in a high-octane ride to hell outside the safety of their colonia (gated community). They siphon gas from their neighbors' cars. Soon their actions have consequences way beyond anything they ever imagined. MARIMBAS FROM HELL - Trailer Eng Subt. It's hard to resist a film with a title like Marimbas From Hell. Boldly exploring the boundaries of fiction and documentary, emerging Guatemalan filmmaker Julio Hernández Cordón's original and entertaining second feature follows three unlikely characters from Guatemala City as they attempt to fuse improbable musical styles. The result is a skillfully constructed narrative that reflects on important issues in contemporary Guatemalan culture. Don Alfonso plays the marimba (xylophone) for a living but as his traditional music is seen as increasingly old-fashioned, he finds himself without a job. When his glue-sniffing godson introduces him to Blacko, an old heavy-metal legend of the Guatemalan underground, they decide to do something radical and fuse the sounds of the marimba with heavy metal. This innovative -- some might say bizarre -- idea sparks the beginning of an unexpected collaboration. Filled with laugh-aloud moments, Marimbas from Hell is brilliantly farcical, but with a sharp strain of melancholy. Following the success of his exceptional debut, Gasolina, Hernández Cordón continues his work with non-professional actors, creating an incredibly fresh and unique story that conveys a moving and authentic sense of Guatemalan life. Las Marimbas Del Infierno (MARIMBAS FROM HELL ) - Complete Film

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