Katia Kameli

Katia Kameli Katia Kameli is a franco-algerian artist based in Paris. Her work cannot be dissociated from her own experience and her plural identity. Her practice is characterized by the exploration of multiplicity and the in-between. Through video, photography, installation and drawing, she investigates intercultural spaces, intersecting identities and their construction. Her work is located within hybridity, or “third space” which enables the emergence of other visions, forms and positions. This “third space” disturbs the established stories and generates a critical stance that allows the rewriting of history and narratives. She is also organising and producing video platforms in Algeria, Trans-Maghreb, during one month in Algier, young filmakers from Algeria, Marocco and Tunisia, realise five short films.

On Air: Katia Kameli - Untitled(2011)-

katia kameli Images: extracts from the video "Untitled". Copyright Katia Kameli Cardboards are leaned against a wall in a street. They form a peculiar assemblage one can identify as makeshift shelters. Fashioned out of the detritus of consumer society, the cardboards have become facades. They conceal women who were probably repudiated by their families. One of them emerges from her 'house' and quickly fashions a placard out of a box once used to transport everyday goods, then turned into a shelter, now turned into a protest sign. However the placard shows no slogan; it is just a wordless piece of cardboard. Quickly, other women join her, brandishing similarly blank placards. Dignified, they walk silently. Suddenly, they stop and cautiously lower their signs onto the floor. This video by Katia Kameli was made last spring in Algeria during the so-called 'Arab Spring'. For the first time in her career, the artist decided to direct a fiction. While alluding to the situation of women in North Africa, the video questions the idea of protest and revolution. Can a silent uprising, one that is apparently claimless and aimless, be considered as a revolution? When there are no more words to be spoken out loud and when placards lie on the floor, can there be any hope left? With this work, Kameli participated in her own way to a collec-tive and spontaneous movement, the consequences of which are yet to be discovered. A possible revolution … - Text by Bérénice Saliou -> From Curator Omar Kholeif - Syndrome of a Decade


- Homepage of Katia Kameli - www.katiakameli.com - Katia Kameli's videos on Vimeo - Nafas: Katia Kameli - Interview by Silke Schmickl


"Dissolution" (2009) Installation Video, 3mn50 en boucle/loop Sound designer Benoit Fort 1/5 ex. Courtesy de l'artiste. "A short, looped video sequence intends to place the viewer in the position of an Algerian, perhaps a child, gazing across the Bay of Algiers where the occident, as Katia describes, ‘blurs like a fiction’. In the background haze lie stationary tankers out of focus. In the foreground the tops of two industrial chimneys exhaust heat and smoke into the middle-ground of this seascape, where a colourful tanker traverses the screen as it makes its turn into port. Just as the tip of the ship touches the chimney vapour, a small tug enters the screen from the left-hand side. The miniature guide escorts the flaming colossus as it liquefies through industrial heat. Katia describes this event as a ‘transition’ as the tanker enters the orient. The dissolution of the ship is echoed by a wall of sound that engulfs the viewer in the installation. The sound is the audio equivalent of the visual evidence of heat emanating from the chimneys: a discordant and meditative hum. Dissolution uses the moving image to demonstrate where radical opposites momentarily fuse." Stephen Lee, ‘New Cartographies, Algeria-France-UK’, exhibition review, originally published in Art Monthly issue no. 347, June 2011, pp nos. 28-29. Dislocation Installation vidéo (2008 / 4 mn en boucle) Dislocation est un travelling circulaire sur un toit d’immeuble, entre briques nues et antennes paraboliques. Non pas une, mais deux images, quasi identiques, dont le glissement de l’une à l’autre crée un léger décalage, temporel et spatial, une juxtaposition désynchronisée des deux images balayées par le vent. Entre l’accès démultiplié aux images, évoqué ici par les paraboles, seul symptôme d’une ouverture au monde qui laisse persister pauvreté et misère sociale, et la censure exercée par la tradition religieuse et les contraintes politiques, le travail de l’artiste se joue dans cette césure. Bledi a possible scenario (2006) 18 mn - Super 8 mm & Digital vidéo « Bledi a possible scenario » de Katia Kameli est une vidéo en forme de voyage à rebours, une fiction construite autour de l’hypothèse utopique selon laquelle on pourrait revenir d’où l’on est parti : l’Algérie. En déjouant les pièges de la nostalgie, Katia Kameli suit le chemin qui mène jusqu’à la ville natal de son père. Le super huit noir et blanc empruntant son langage aux archives de famille ponctue le récit du voyage documenté par l’image numérique. Jeux de montage, jeux de matières visuelles et sonores, orchestrent le temps syncopé de ce récit. Dans « Bledi a possible scenario », il n’est question de ni l’exotisme de l’enfance ni de celui d’un pays quitté. L’ argument de cette vidéo semble être l’entre deux de la mémoire et de la réalité. Léa Gauthier, critique d’art et rédactrice en chef du magazine Mouvement

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Part of the curatorial selection of Omar Kholeif.