Katie Hare

Katie Hare - Coming from inside the house 2 Katie Hare (b.1987, London) currently lives and works in London. In 2010 she graduated from Central Saint Martins and has since exhibited in London, Manchester and Berlin. Earlier this year, she completed a five-month residency at the University of Reading. Recent exhibitions include 'Calculated', a solo exhibition commissioned by curatorial project The Rupture Series at The Old Police Station, South-East London, and the group show 'Womb Academy' at Meanwhile Space, London. In 2012 Hare was invited to re-stage 'Calculated', as part of the 'Thinking through Time and History in Feminism' colloquium at Birkbeck, University of London.

On Air: Katie Hare

The ikono On Air Festival is showing Katie Hare's film Coming from inside the house 2, which juxtaposes clips from ‘Slasher’ films with original footage over a central projection and two monitors. In 'coming from inside the house 2', the camera slowly tilts over a succession of bedrooms with young women positioned on their beds surrounded by their personal belongings and clutter. The women meet the camera’s gaze with a defiant calm. Our gaze lingers on the women and yet the sense of voyeurism is tempered by the impression that the women are protected by their intensely personal spaces, their jumbled possessions creating a barrier, or force-field against the outside world. Originally presented as part of a multi-channel installation, 'coming from inside the house 2' acts as a non-judgemental portrait of young women coming of age and carving out their unique space in society. Excerpt: Coming from inside the house 2 -> Channel Festival Curators Selection


- Homepage of Katie Hare: www.katiehare.com - Katie Hare on Youtube - Emerging Artist Profile – Katie Hare Likes Girls - Katie Hare - A Collection of Postcards from Prison Islands.

Other Videos by Katie Hare

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Curator's Special

Part of the curatorial selection by Channels Festival