Khaled Hafez

Khaled Hafez Khaled Hafez was born in Cairo, Egypt in 1963 where he currently lives and works. He studied medicine and followed the evening classes of the Cairo fine arts in the eighties. After attaining a medical degree in 1987 and M.Sc. as a medical specialist in 1992, he gave up medical practices in the early nineties for a career in the arts. He later obtained an MFA in new media and digital arts from Transart Institute (New York, USA) and Danube University Krems (Austria). Hafez practice spans the mediums of painting, film / video, photography, installation and inter-disciplinary approaches. Hafez is Fulbright Fellow (2005) and Rockefeller Fellow (2009). He is laureate of The Francophonie Prize, 6th Dakar Biennale (2004) and the 9th Bamako Photo Biennale video prize (211) offered by Fondation Blachere. He was nominated for the 4th Prix Pictet Photography Prize (long list, 2012) and the Sovereign African Art Prize (Shortlist, 2011).

On Air: Khaled Hafez

The ikono On Air Festival is showing two films by Khaled Hafez: Revolution - 2006 Khaled Hafez An experimental screen is split on the three flag colors: Red, White and Black. The colors represent the three promises of the 1952 Pan-Arab military coup-d’etat / revolution: Social equity, Liberty and Unity.
We learn throughout the 4 minute duration that what remains of the broken promises are the social equity of the military gun, the pseudo-liberty of the multinational / transcontinental corporate economy, and the unity of chopping heads representing the world-wide rising right wing religious fundamentalism. More here. The A77A Project (On Presidents & Superheroes) - 2009 Khaled Hafez The work is a 2-D and 3-D animation on video and still footage of a figure of my favourite ancient gods, Anubis. The figure dwells in the streets of urban Cairo today, intermingling with street paradoxical citizens and situations. The work ironically documents the current state of the streets of Cairo, once described as one of the most beautiful downtowns in the world, and a reflection of the social and economic challenges facing many communities in the world now. More here.


- Homepage of Khaled Hafez - Galleries: - Liebkranz Galerie, Berlin, Germany - AB Gallery, Zürich, Switzerland - Meem Gallery, Dubai, UAE - Galeria San Carlo, Milan, Italy - Raymaluz Gallery, Madrid, Spain - Bekris Gallery, SF, USA


Khaled Hafez, The Video Diaries Note: This video contains graphic material. Cairo-based Khaled Hafez's latest work, The Video Diaries, is the artist's response to the revolution that swept through Egypt in January and February 2011. This three-channel video has been adapted for Ibraaz into a single-channel work in which three windows display footage either shot by the artist or taken from social and international media. These moving images - showing policemen; protesters singing and praying; and people apparently being shot or attacked by water cannons - run simultaneously across the three screens, while clocks urgently count down the seconds of the work's duration. A persistent, echoing beat; the sounds of a baying crowd; and a lachrymose guitar solo accompany the footage at different points. Project from Ibraaz Platform 002 Khaled Hafez | Deciphering the Past within the Present The A.R.T.e.s. gallery of the University of Cologne / Germany presented the Egyptian artist Khaled Hafez in the exhibition Deciphering the Past within the Present (24 January -- 15 April 2013). His opening speech of the exhibition not only gives insight to his elaborate artistic oeuvre but also to his notion of (Egyptian) identity. In an ironic manner, he compares ancient Egyptian gods with popular contemporary superheroes such as Anubis and Batman. His artistic strategy thus breaks the barriers between diverse dichotomies such as modern/traditional, local/global as well as secular/religious in order to debate their synthesis and development into universal and global symbols. Tut TV-Art Chat-28/1/2012- with z visual artist Khaled Hafez Art Chat is a WebTV show online with Dr. Zeinab Nour on - this episode with z Egyptian visual Artist Khaled Hafez Anybody arround z world can take a part on z chat -> Zeinab Nour page on facebook

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