Kite & Laslett

Kite & Laslett Kite & Laslett are a young creative practice of installation artists based in London who were our artists of the month in March 2013. The duo; Sebastian Kite and Will Laslett, trained in architecture, sound and music, specialise in producing architectural interventions in the form of interactive installations. Their cross-disciplinary projects fuse sound, light, film, performance and sculptural elements to construct immersive experiential environments that challenge human perceptions of space. Elementary to Kite & Laslett is the phenomenological conception of engaging with architecture, creating interventions through rigorous experimentation and exploration into psychoacoustics and kinaesthetics. Since graduating as architects in 2010 (Glasgow School of Art, Westminster School of Architecture), Sebastian and Will established Kite & Laslett, a creative arts and design duo in London. Whilst constructing their own houses and studio inside the shell of a disused warehouse, the duo established their practice. Their studio provides the space and inspiration for rigorous experimentation and prototype making. From technical drawings via engineering solutions through construction to installation, and finally, photographic documentation, the duo possess the skills to realise their ambitious ideas self-sufficiently from concept to fruition. Inherent to their work is a passion for precision, technical efficiency, inventive materials and elegance. Audiences have encountered their site-specific works in non-art spaces such as churches, prisons, bunkers, railway stations and warehouses, but also the white cube gallery. The artists have recently exhibited in Berlin, presenting their dynamic sculpture Panoptic in the former Women’s Prison in Kantstrasse for platform79 - the berlin project 09/12; kinetic laser installation Orbit + Candescence for curated art event +-0 in derelict Postbahnhof, 11/12 and solo show Lichtspiel at Import Projects Berlin, 02/13.


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On Air: Kite & Laslett

The ikono On Air Festival is showing the following films by Kite & Laslett. Echelon (2012) Echelon is a film made in response to the baroque interior of St. George's Church Bloomsbury, London. The film presents a frenetic spatial augmentation of the church, manipulating perspective, scale and depth to produce a rest-ructured architectural space within the cinematic frame. Contrary to Kite & Laslett’s usual practice of producing physical interventions in dialogue with architectural spaces, Echelon portrays an inverse paradigm; the film itself becomes a cinematic installation. Recorded at night, flash photography was used to create 3,000 high contrast images of the architectural features of the church. The removal of colour in the film directly communicates the medium of light itself, allowing the eye to dis-tinguish the disparity and spatial foreshortening between one frame and the next. The rhythmic layering of 25 independent frames per second entrances the eye in a restless and ever shifting architecture, transforming scenes of the familiar into a mirage. Enclosure (2011) Enclosure is an immersive sound and light installation, whereby the audience interact with a specifically composed sound score in a quadraphonic configu-ration in the spatial volume it inhabits. La Cura (2012) Central to the choreography of La Cura, Kite & Laslett have produced an octa-phonic sound and light composition that intensifies the therapeutic atmosp-here of the performance and playful interaction by the audience. Orbit (2012) Orbit is a kinetic light installation designed for a former railway tunnel. A series of rotors of increasing diameter and speed are positioned along the 80m space, projecting laser beams into the void. Their orbiting constellation tar-gets towards a circular plane at the end of the tunnel. The viewer follows the rays overhead, approaching the swirling red cells ema-nating from the vanishing point. The churning rumble of the revolving cogs re-veals a machine in perpetual motion. Orbit premiered as part of a curated art and club event in Berlin in November 2012. Panoptic (2012) For platform79 - the berlin project Kite & Laslett produced two artistic inter-ventions. The first, Panoptic, is a physical mobile-installation situated in Cour-tyard IV of the former Kantstraße Women’s Prison, exploring visual space. In contrast, Klangzelle, a sound installation, examines solely aural space and the acoustic energy of the prison interior. The two works stand in relative juxtapo-sition to one another, both architecturally and in conception. A Leap in the dark (2011) A mystery surprise film. Reflex (2013) Two projectors face one another, separated by a series of translucent screens. The projectors call and respond in a chaotic and restless dialogue, firing interlocking shapes and gradually becoming more complex. The repetition of the projected image through the screens transforms flat impressions, enlarging and giving the sense of physical volume within the exhibition space. Reflex is an experiment in the medium of dual-projection, spatialising light itself; the immaterial presented as material. The installation is a simple apparatus, yet allows scope for complexity in effect. The interchangeable pace at which the spectrum of colours crossfade between the projectors creates the sense of a parallel timescape; time slowed down. Candescence (2010) The installation is an array of acoustically responsive spheres activated by sound and touch. Human interaction triggers an ascendance of vision, light and sound in a cyclic loop of which the individual is integral. The project explo-res the notion of psychoacoustics and acousmatics applied in an architectural space. The sonic and radiant atmosphere inhabits and alters one’s perception of the former Empress Coach House space. GENIUS LOCI IN SITU features three young artists whose work relates to the architectural and the site specific. Kite & Laslett present Genius Loci, an immersive installation that seeks to capture the spirit of the Belfry through sound and light. Eleanor Wemyss presents Foundations, a series of intricate architectural drawings based on original designs of the building. _____ Kite & Laslett’s Genius Loci draws on sound recordings made in the Church interiors, where improvised acoustic experiments are incorporated into a multi-layered sound piece and projected into the Belfry space. The soundscape is experienced in near-darkness, asking the viewer to contemplate the subtleties of the interaction between the sound composition, light and their relationship to the space with limited navigation. The sounds have been de-contextualised and re-placed, causing disorientation as to their original source, context and their relationship to the Belfry. An example of this can be heard via the spatialised deconstruction and abstraction of Anton Bruckner’s Locus Iste - This Place. The installation is an experiment in kinaesthetic experience, limiting the use of some senses and emphasising the use of others, reconfiguring one’s orientation around the space. Live performances took place at the Opening & Closing Views with a live feed from the main Church hall to the secluded space of the Belfry, connecting different spaces across the building and challenging notions of ‘liveness’ and sensory experience. Sound composition: Sebastian Kite Voices: Toby O’Conner, Lara Karady, May Kersey, Damien Taylor As part of IN SITU 02/02/12 - 01/03/12 The Belfry St. John on Bethnal Green London