Kotaro Tanaka

Korato Tanaka The main theme in the works of Kotaro Tanaka is "gazing" and he keeps trying to expand the meaning and the concept of it. Another theme of Tanaka is how to narrate "stories" without common scripts audio-visually. He thinks that he has to try a new narrative for cinema. "This experimental work aims at creating a truly international absolute language of cinema based on its total separation from the language of theatre and literature" (author-supervisor of the experiment dziga vertov, excerpt from "man with a movie camera")

On Air: Kotaro Tanaka

 Kotaro Tanaka WISIWYG The ikono On Air Festival is showing four films by Kotaro Tanaka: Fun on the Suminda River & Invain Wisiwyg what i see is what you get is what i get is what you see is what i get is ... in an acquarium (2010) A concept of this work is “gazing” which is one of the most important themes for the director. What are we seeing, staring and gazing at in face of an image? Needless to say we receive reflections of lights physically but this video aims to stir common perceptions. Palette of waves (2008) Reconstructed from a live performance held at victor vldg. on november 30, 2007. Music : Kensuke Fujii


Born in Tokyo, Japan in 1979. Filmmaker, VJ bysexual team, part-time instructor of movies. Member of SVP2 (Spread Videoart Project 2). His works are exhibited in the country and overseas such as at the image forum festival, the international film festival Rotterdam and the European media art festival.


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Nancy & Henry 15min 32sec / color, b&w / stereo / January 15, 2013 This video consists of archives of memories. They don’t have relationships each other but they are used to construct a story about “seeing”. Images in this video may become another memory for those watched this video in the future. Actually memory is so ambiguous in some cases. It’s “Man without a movie camera”. Credits on Vimeo. Holidaze Many people enjoy shopping in the afternoon on a holiday. Only a camera is shooting the sight as if carrying out its purpose. In the result, time is cut and ticked apart. Despite a camera continues to move horizontally, people don't or move back and forth. invain 14min 57sec. / color / stereo / March 2, 2011 A story about “absence”. A story about “disappearance”. A story about “existence”. A story occurs from “being there”. Bye Bye Alfred But even “The Birds” were gone somewhere. They try to seek Utopia and survive not to care about catastrophes for human beings. Bye-bye Alfred, gotta go. ----- "The Birds" by Hitchcock is extracted, Human beings and birds in it are erased by digital technic. Light - Years 12min 24sec / color / stereo / 2008 Synopsis Cinema has represented numerous pasts, presents and even unknown futures. The concept of this work is a kind of unknown futures. What are they listening to, talking about and gazing at? Rather they may be doing something unexplainable by languages, somewhere several light years away. Sound: Kensuke Fujii Statement I’d like to represent narratives by not common scripts but just only audio - visual. This film doesn’t have a certain story but I believe that audiences can feel narratives in their mind and assume their own stories. As for technical tips, I erased all visible animals by digital techniques to achieve the concept. Maybe interesting to imagine how many monkeys were on a rock mountain.