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Kynan Tan - Consciousness (Sleep lattice) Kynan Tan is an artist who works through digital means to create audio-visual works, electroacoustic compositions, installations and improvised live performances. These works investigate the use of computer technologies and the manipulation of data through the output of digital sound and image. The majority of works question the role of the computer in the creation of art – as an instrument, mediator, processor and creative tool.

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The ikono On Air Festival is showing Kynan Tan's film Consciousness (Sleep lattice), a feast of devastating digital audio and stunning computer-controlled visuals, exactly synchronised into jarring, sudden pulses and fluidly drifting cascades. The work portrays the links found between different human beings that are exhibited during unconsciousness. By analysing sleeping brain waves and using this data to control variables of the computer-generated audio and vision, the artist attempts to connect the real and surreal while allowing the computer to partake in the chaos, playfulness and wonder of unconscious thoughts. Consciousness (excerpt) The work ties Carl Jung’s idea of a collective unconscious to the autonomous re-arrangement of materials found within the vast expanse of the internet – using archived sounds and images that are decimated, processed and manipulated beyond recognition into new shapes and forms, all held within a framework of new, computer-generated imagery. Performed live on dual screens and making full use of the extremes of the sound spectrum, the performance transcends normal performance relationships to move into simultaneously physical and surreal spaces. This scene utilises three data sets of sleeping brain activity and plots out the corresponding points along the x, y and z axis. The program iteratively works through a period of sleep, gradually increasing in frequency and amassing a lattice of interconnected points. Eventually, the dream structure becomes unstable, energised and active, moving and growing until it reaches a point of collapse. -> Channel Festival Curators Selection


Kynan Tan Kynan Tan is an artist who investigates the use of computer technologies and the manipulation of data through the output of digital sound and image. The majority of works question the role of the computer in the creation of art – as an instrument, mediator, processor and creative tool. In 2012 Kynan completed a JUMP Mentorship, working with renowned audio-visual artist Robin Fox to explore synaesthetic connections in audio-visual artworks. In 2013, Kynan received a DCA Young People and the Arts Fellowship to continue to undertake a program of mentorship, skills development and new work creation. Kynan has performed with artists such as Actress (UK), Oneohtrixpointnever (USA), Robin Fox and Aoki Takamasa (JPN). His works have been exhibited at SuperDeluxe in Tokyo, Japan, NH7 festival in Pune, India, Wonderland exhibition at MoCA Taipei, Taiwan and the Perth Institute of Contemporary Art.


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multiplicity (excerpt) Kynan Tan's new work 'multiplicity' draws tiered levels of relationships between the seen and heard, creating an interconnected web of synaesthetic experience. 'multiplicity' is a work that attempts to illustrate, to bring to life through computer-generated sound and image, the idea of the multiple, the numerous, the singular. In doing so the work questions relationships between objects, the way in which things grow and evolve over time. Cities are laid out in sequence, the networks between points illustrated by fragile beams of light. Cells appear and grow in communities, then amass to create a singular entity. Computer data zips through the pipeline, gradually increasing in frequency, complexity and noisiness. 'multiplicity' forms the second work in Kynan's ongoing series of audio-visual works regarding perception, thought and networks, following on from consciousness, which explored data collected from sleeping brain activity. Hypnogenia_One Hypnogenia is a set of works exploring synaesthesia. Using custom designed max/MSP patches, a video is generated and then passed through a program which converts the video information to audio. The shapes in the video, colour, intensity, mass and position determine the sounds. The video score produces dense, rapid sounds that are intrinsically linked to the video. Headphone / good stereo speaker listening essential. Floating Spires Floating Spires is a sound installation created by artist Kynan Tan. The work involves participants creating sound in a room of wind chimes, which is then processed in real-time by a computer running max/MSP. This sound is then played back through a multi-channel speaker array. In this video - Brett Murray, Ben Hamblin and Kynan Tan. June 2008, Spectrum Project Space, Western Australia.

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