Lee Lee Nam

Lee Lee Nam - Dreamscape 1 South Korean artist Lee Lee Nam (b.1969) creates amalgamations of today's high-tech environment and traditional culture. With exceptional finesse, he creates mesmerizing digital and video works that juxtapose European old master paintings and traditional Asian art with modern day imagery. The artworks are overlaid and interweaved like a palimpsest, creating an image as fictitious as dreams overlapping reality. His work has been shown internationally including at the Hong Kong Art Centre, Hong Kong (2010); Sun Gallery, Korea (2010); Alon Zakaim Fine Art, London (2009); and The Detroit Wayne State University Art Centre, Detroit (2011). He is also exclusive artist of SAMSUNG Electronics. Lee Lee Nam lives and works in Gwangju, Korea.

On Air: Dreamscape 1 by Lee Lee Nam

Lee Lee Nam's astonishingly moving and sensitive work Dreamscape 1 is a combination of old and new in multiple forms: a traditional Korean watercolor work depicting a rural landscape by the sea is set into motion with modern digital technology; the serene landscape transforms into an industrialized coastal city with neon lights, cranes, and smoke; the narrative of the inexorable rise of industry and humanity's clash with nature concludes with decay: the city fades, the lights disappear, the landscape's former beauty is destroyed and humans become only a memory in the form of abandoned cranes amidst black ruins. Through the use of black and white contrasts Lee Lee Nam highlights the deprivation of emotional interaction in our modernized lives. -> Homepage of the Artist: leeleenam.com From the Sedition Selection