Liu Xiaodong

Liu Xiaodong - Blinking Liu Xiaodong (b.1963) is considered the leading "New Generation" figurative painter of contemporary Chinese Realism and one of China's foremost artists. His large-scale oil paintings are rich in colour, spontaneous, and known for their expressive painterly style characterised by strong brush strokes. Liu Xiaodong’s work can be seen in public art collections including: Museum of Fine Art, Boston, USA; Singapore Art Museum, Singapore; Shanghai Art Museum, China; Art Museum of the Central Institute of Fine Arts, China; San Francisco Museum of Modern Art, USA; China Art Gallery, China; Guy and Myriam Ullens Foundation, Switzerland; and the Fukuoka Gallery, Japan. Liu Xiaodong lives and works in Beijing.

On Air: Blinking by Liu Xiaodong

Liu Xiaodong’s film Blinking was created from ten video segments from a documentary about his painting excursions over recent years. The artist is famous for meticulously documenting his creative working process: sketchbooks, journals and video footage of his travels, location scouting and interviews compile a large archive of material that records and simultaneously inspires each making of a work. Liu Xiaodong: “In the blink of an eye, everything can change. Sometimes we blink to confront something anew, sometimes to avoid something, sometimes to implant it into our hearts. Blinking can also rearrange things in our field of vision, that that is merely a subjective fabrication.” -> Homepage of the Artist: From the Sedition Selection