Ma Qiusha

Ma Qiusha Image: Courtesy of Beijing Commune "Few similar individuals open their arms optimistically to face and embrace the fear of falling. Instantaneous specific whereabouts are between the beginning and the end of the unknown (close to the death). In the moment of jumping, a specific part of the process places the ‘no start and end monument', body language is inflated, fearless and virtual after the amplification." (Ma Qiusha)

On Air: Ma Qiusha

The ikono On Air Festival is showing Ma Qiusha's film "Embrace". Embrace Ma Qiusha Image: Courtesy of Beijing Commune


Beijing based artist Ma Qiusha (b. 1982, Beijing) graduated from Electronic Integrated Art, Alfred University (MFA), New York, United States. She held a solo exhibition at Chinese Arts Centre in Manchester, the UK in 2013; and was invited to attend group exhibition "Skin, Flesh and Bone II ", 3.14 International Contemporary Art Foundation in Bergen, Norway in 2012; also the group show Soft Machines at the Pace Gallery in New York City In 2011.


- - - THE NEW WORK OF MA QIUSHA: A SYNECDOCHE OF THE EVERYDAY - Creative Tourist: “Complex and strange” - Ma Qiusha at Chinese Arts Centre - Article about Ma Qiusha at - Chasing the invisible sun - In December 2009, three people were offered a rare opportunity - a trip to Norway, to witness and to feel, to chase after the fairy-tale Aurora borealis, in a pursuit of artistic inspiration: Ma Qiusha, a commissioned artist of Beijing Commune, Sun Yao, a Shanghai University lecturer and Qiu Anxiong, a lecturer from the East China Normal University. Watch the video here. - UCCA-org - “CURATED BY SONG DONG” MA QIUSHA: ADDRESS & WANG SHANG: SLEUTHING Ma Qiusha - From No.4 Pingyuanli to No.4 Tianqiaobeili