Masayo Kajimura

Masayo Kajimura Japanese-German video artist Masayo Kajimura has made short films, video installations and works in collaboration with dance and music. Her poetic and associative composition of moving images has been described as folding layers of different realities. Her work has been shown in numerous exhibitions and festivals throughout Europe, the U.S. and Asia including Internationale Kurzfilmtagen Oberhausen, Amsterdam Film Experience, “”, and "Paivascapes #1". She has received several grants, e.g. from the women artists program of the City of Berlin, the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD), and the Zeit Foundation. She has been invited as an artist in residence several times, the latest in 2012 to MoKS in Estonia. -> CV of Masayo Kajimura and more at Art News

Showing On Air: traveling time series : Ahrenshoop #01

“traveling time series : Ahrenshoop #01” shows a precisely composed view re-corded in Ahrenshoop, a small town on a narrow peninsula at the Baltic Sea in Northern Germany. Only the sky and sea can be seen, which the artist filmed for one month every day. The tide, day and night, the moonset; an infinitely repea-ting process becomes a play of light. The video series “traveling time series” is an ongoing long-term project, where video sequences are created with images from different places and times collected over the years. Distant spaces and times are interwoven, the far becomes close, the presence dissolves in the flow of images. The movement within the image and timeline is a central theme of this series.