Matt Pyke

Matt Pyke Matt Pyke (b.1975) is one of the most innovative digital-motion artists of his time. Pyke's body of work, which explores the tensions between abstract and figurative form and the synesthesia of sound and image, encompasses a striking diversity: it ranges from interactive design and branded art to shop installations and iPhone applications, and it is reflected in collaborations with a large variety of companies such as Apple and AOL. He is also the mastermind behind design studio Universal Everything, a collective of designers, programmers, musicians and artists who are famous for their boundary-pushing commissions for brands like Chanel, MTV, and London's 2012 Olympics. Matt Pyke's artworks have exhibited worldwide including at the Museum of Modern Art, New York; the V&A Museum, London; The Central Academy of Fine Arts, Beijing; Garage Centre for Contemporary Art, Moscow; La Gaite Lyrique, Paris; and Art HK, Hong Kong. He lives and works in the UK.

On Air: Transfiguration by Matt Pyke

Transfiguration, 2011, was created by Matt Pyke together with Realise Studio for the reopening of the prestigious digital arts gallery La Gaite Lyrique, Paris. A bulky human figure walks at a brisk equalized speed at the center of the screen and transforms in a cycle of progressively transient and surprising materials. We watch how flames grow into metal structures that transform into rock-like matter, out of which icy crystals spring. After numerous further transformations, the walking giant takes on liquid qualities, then becomes gas, and in turn transforms into a perfectly depicted fury figure out of innumerable strands of multi-colored hair; and so on. Transfiguration can be seen as a work referencing the evolution of life and humanity itself, crossing from the simple elements over into a digital hyper-real age. -> Homepage of the Artist: From the Sedition Selection