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Mauro Andrizzi - Speculative Future Mauro Andrizzi was born in Mar del Plata, Argentina in 1980. He studied scriptwriting and graduated from the ENERC (National Film School), Buenos Aires, in 2001. While a student, he wrote and directed various video short films. After obtaining his degree, he also wrote a couple of TV shows in Buenos Aires. His out-of-the-film-school filmography as director started in 2006, when he shot the short film COLOR AND PIXEL at the Musuem of the History of Art, in Wien. Then, in 2007 he debuted with a documentary feature, MONO, a live-videoclips compilation that portrayed a generational renovation in the argentinean musical scene (rock, postrock, punk, electronic). 13 new bands experimenting with sounds and their audiences were filmed for 6 months, with long sequence shots, during their live perfomances in serveral cities in Argentina. In 2008, after the success of MONO among the youth audience, he started his own indie production company, « Mono Films ». Mauro Andrizzi - Speculative Future His second documentary feature was the 2008-2009 film festival hit IRAQI SHORT FILMS, a long term investigation of the propaganda generated by the amateurs videos shot with mobile phones by all the forces implicated in the Iraq conflict : the private security contractors, the US-led occupation army and the militias resisting the invasion. «Iraqi Short Films» was screened everywhere, from Centre Pompidou in Paris to MoMA in NY, and in more than 50 film festivals like 2009 Bafici, FID Marseille, Gijón, Copenhaguen.DOX, Teheran, Valdivia, Las Palmas, San Francisco, Punto de Vista among many others. While still enjoying the golden path of IRAQI SHORT FILMS, he has filmed IN THE FUTURE, his third feature film. It was world premiered in the Venice Film Festival (Orizzonti) in September, 2010, and was screened all over the world. Rottedam, Bafici, Sarajevo, Era NH, CPH.DOX, Jeonju, Hamburg, Valdivia, among many others... In 2011 he premiered his new feature film ACCIDENTES GLORIOSOS, co-directed with Marcus Lindeen, in Venice’s Orizzonti section.

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The ikono On Air Festival is showing Mauro Andrizzi's film "Evolution".


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"Accidentes gloriosos" (Trailer) "En el Futuro" by Mauro Andrizzi (trailer) "The future is pure speculation. So is love. Each love story in the film takes us to a different past, from a different present. The hope for a bright future is an illusion that keeps us expecting, as it unleashes the anguish of waiting for something extraordinary to happen. In this strange time, shaped by memory pieces and by what could have happened but didn't, is where the characters of the film inhabit, awaiting the arrival of the future. The storyteller in "In the Future" is a ghost. My ghost." (Mauro Andrizzi) IRAQI SHORT FILMS (Trailer) FILMMAKERS PRESENT: MAURO ANDRIZZI Argentinian director Mauro Andrizzi (31) and DoP Emiliano Cativa on their latest b/w-film »ACCIDENTES GLORIOSOS« which won the Orizzonti-Award for Best middle-length film at the Venice Film Festival 2011: "The jury appreciated the experimental approach to commissioning this film and its encouragement of new ways of collaboration. The film is an interesting collage of disparate spaces, objects and people brought together in the dark space of the cinema" Synopsis/Festival's catalogue: »Car crashes are instant art and sculpture made in seconds. At least to a certain Buenos Aires photographer, who spends his nights driving through the city in search of capturing the perfect accident. Meanwhile, another man is trying to find a legendary cock sucker who hides somewhere in the dark roms of a gay sex club. AG tells nine different stories of death and transformation. From the man who undergoes a heart transplant and wakes up with new and strange artistic powers, to the woman who receives a last letter from her husband, written just before he freezes to death in one of history's most dramatic polar expeditions.« (From

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