Mirit Weinstock

Mirit Weinstock Mirit Weinstock is a fashion designer, jewelry designer and an Artist. She has her own label called Mirit Weinstock and her jewellery is sold in special high-end stores al over the world. "Through her entire internship, Mirit proved the highest professional qualities. Her work was creative, conceptual, precise, original and inspiring" Alber Elbaz, Artistic Director, Maison Lanvin, Paris.

On Air: Mirit Weinstock

The ikono On Air Festival is showing Mirit Weinstock's film Untitled, a film inspired by the story of the Japanese pearl divers, the Ama: “My video art is inspired by the great story of the Ama - Japanese pearl divers. Ama dive without air tanks for 4-6 minutes. A story about a specific Ama tribe tells about girls who start diving when they are six years old . They are like dancers under the water, their black long hair is moving wildly while they are looking for the hidden pearls. When they are 12 years old in a traditional ceremony they stop being Ama and their beautiful hair which is full with sea minerals and salt is cut off. From the lost hair, Japanese masters create brushes for caesars only. As they have a unique and rare effect when the hair meets ink. I was deeply moved by the fact that they lose their hair – the symbol of beauty and femininity and at the same time this hair will be used for an act of art. In my video this cruel yet beautiful story meets my world and feelings as a woman and an artist.” -> Channel Festival Curators Selection


Mirit Weinstock Mirit Weinstock was born on March 2, 1977 – in Israel. In 2013 Mirit is graduating from a "Master of Fine Arts" at the Bezalel academy, Tel Aviv. Focusing on Video and sound art works. Mirit works as a fashion and jewelry designer. She Graduated from Shenkar college in July 2002 in Fashion. And since has been working on her own label "Mirit Weinstock" as well as in fashion houses such as Alexander McQueen and "Maison Lanvin". "Mirit Weinstock" jewelry label is sold internationaly in specialty stores Such as Colette - Paris, ZOZO – Japan, Anthropologie – USA and many more. Alongside her passion for the fashion world Mirit was always fascinated by the world of plastic art. During her master studies Mirit has been exploring new medias of creation, ways to express her ideas and creativity. Mirit would like to continue exploring the different routs of creation as a designer and as an artist.


- Homepage of Mirit Weinstock : www.miritweinstock.com - Mirit Weinstock on Facebook - Mirit Weinstock on Twitter - Mirit Weinstock on Vimeo

Other Videos by Mirit Weinstock

AMA Wind Maps Wind Maps is a video showing two women. One is blowing gently into the others eye until tears come down. What begins as a merely scientific rule: while walking against the wind your eyes begin to tear, becomes an intimate gesture. This close gesture, suddenly becomes a ritual which brings with it emotions. BLOW BOLT "BLOW BOLT" is a video and sound installation. A looped recording is commentary from a 200m race featuring Usain Bolt. In that race Bolt is crowned the world's fastest man. The narration is gradually speeding up until it becomes unclear and stressful. It's only after recovering from the disorientating rush of sound that one becomes aware of a window looking out onto two screens. We see a woman blowing, furiously, energetically, at a huge mound of coal. This gesture is met with the narration and gives it yet another dimension. It reveals the hysteric running in circles and at the same time emphasizes the intensity and strength. BLOW BOLT - exhibition view

Curator's Special

Part of the curatorial selection by Channels Festival