Montserrat Rodríguez aka nyx10110

nyx10110 "Montserrat Rodríguez is nyx10110. Multidisciplinary Artist. Born in Barcelona. I installed in Girona for family and creative reasons. I studied Geography (Universitat de Barcelona, UB) and Multimedia (Universitat Oberta de Catalunya, UOC). I’m Environmental Technician and I worked in the area of web and interactive production in relation to issues of GIS and Spatial Planning. My training in the area of Contemporary Art is recent and largely autodidact ... I am enthusiastic about the DIY - Do It Yourself philosophy and everything that involves a conception edupunk, I complimented with courses and workshops in the field of video, photography and multimedia art, interactive and sound. Currently I develop artistic projects in the disciplines of Video Art, Video Performance, Video Installation, LiveCinema, Photography and Soundscape. As an emerging artist the idea is to progress towards a interdisciplinary work that combines art, science and technology. The concept of my work revolves around a personal relation with the memory, the time and the water. Thoughts and research on hydrics bodies, about the linkages of human, their societies and ecosystems with aquatic environment, marine, freshwater and wetland. Study the nature of things, their structure and composition to clarify these fundamental principles of my time-space reality that seem inaccessible, that go beyond what I can see. It is my vision of Metaphysics and Ecology within the new media arts. " (Montserrat Rodríguez )


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On Air:

Fragmentos de observación The cycle time. Everything is repeated again and again, as a reminder, as if I myself ob-served from a distance. As I look at my actions may be like repetitive or can be like differ-ent each time. In Realtime is something so relative and imperceptible... An alternative and prosperous sustainability is possible with an artistic discourse that captures our the imagination and take a critical vision look at the causes of the current economic and ecological crisis. Repeats and we do not realize until too late, because the mist hides from us the horizon. But we who we start and we fall into the same errors. We must take perspective and observe us closely to move forward. In short, be happy and better. To think that us are part of a natural ecosystem that is interaction between all living things with their environment.

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